Teresa Giudice’s Daughter Criticized Over ‘Bed Party’ Photos

Gia Giudice, Antonia and Melissa Gorga

Getty Gia Giudice, Antonia and Melissa Gorga

Fans of  “Real Housewives of New Jersey” think the ongoing feud between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga has spawned a rivalry between their daughters.

After Gia Giudice posted a photo of her sister Gabriella’s college dorm “bed party,” fans thought it looked suspiciously like a pic her estranged aunt Melissa Gorga posed of her daughter Antonia earlier in the month. But other fans set the record straight on the rival college announcements.

Here’s what you need to know:

Gia Giudice Posted a Photo of Her Sister Gabriella’s Bed Decked Out With University of Michigan Gear

In March 2023, Teresa Giudice posted her daughter Gabriella’s senior photo. She captioned the post to reveal that her second eldest child would be attending the University of Michigan in the fall.

In an Instagram post on May 25, 2023, Giudice’s eldest daughter, Gia, posted a photo of her sister Gabriella posing on a bed loaded with gear from the University of Michigan. The spread included jackets, t-shirts, sneakers, a “Go Blue” pendant, blankets, blue and yellow balloons, and a bedazzled champagne bottle with the university’s logo on it. Other photos provided a close-up of the themed gear, including a Michigan Wolverines beach towel and huge balloons that spelled out “MICH.”

“And she’s off to the University of Michigan!💙💛,” Gia captioned the post. “I am so beyond proud of you and can not wait to see you do amazing things! you are a shining star sister and I love you so so much❤️.” The eldest Giudice also thanked all of the vendors, family, and friends who helped make Gabriella’s bed look “amazing.”

Fans and friends also reacted to the post.

“Go blue!” wrote “Southern Hospitality” star Joe Bradley. “Go big ten!” added former “Summer House’ star Hannah Berner.

Gabriella’s cousin, Antonia Gorga, also “liked” the posts amid their parents’ ongoing feud.

But some followers took issue with the post.

“Didn’t I already see this somewhere @melissagorga,” one commenter wrote. “Okay didn’t melissa post this exact photo of Antonia tho ,” another asked. “@MelissaGorga did it first!,” another  agreed. “Looks very familiar🧐,” another chimed in before congratulating Gabriella.

While some accused the Giudices of copying the Gorga photos, others pointed out that dorm bed parties are a thing.

“These comments are so awful,” one fan wrote. “Gabriella is going to Michigan this was acknowledged over 2 or 3 months ago. Antonia is going to University of Delaware which they posted about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Bed parties are setups for dorm rooms for graduates so its not a copy thing. Congratulations on them both.”

Others noted that both schools happen to have the same colors. And other fans pointed out that the first “bed party” was actually for Gia Giudice when she first committed to Rutgers University four years prior.

Teresa Giudice also shared a post about Gabriella’s “bed party.” After one fan wrote, “Everyone keeps saying she’s copying Melissa remember Teresa did this first with Gia,” Teresa responded with, “Thank you sweetheart ❤️.”

Antonia Gorga Posed for a Similar Photo Weeks Earlier

On May 11, 2023, Melissa Gorga posted a photo of her daughter Antonia posing on a bed piled with merch from the University of Delaware. The bed party featured balloons, hoodies, blankets, hats, and a bedazzled change bottle with the Blue Hens logo on it.

“And just like that…. SHE CHOSE @udelaware💙💛,” Gorga captioned the pic. “I’m so proud of you @antoniagorgaa !” Melissa also tagged all of the vendors who supplied University of Delaware gear to make her daughter’s bed party so special.

While many fans congratulated Antonia, other commenters felt the merch display was over the top.

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