Garcelle Beauvais Attacked by ‘Disgusting’ Comments on Radio Show

Garcelle Beauvais

Getty Images Garcelle Beauvais was slammed by Nicki Minaj.

Garcelle Beauvais was dragged by a big name celebrity on the September 11, 2022, episode of a radio show.

Nicki Minaj, who relaunched Queen Radio on Amazon’s streaming app in August 2022, took aim at the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star during her latest episode. Minaj is not a fan of Beauvais, who interviewed Jennifer Hough, the woman who accused Minaj’s husband of rape in 2021, on an episode of “The Real.”

Hough filed a lawsuit against Minaj and Kenneth Petty in August 2021, according to People magazine. She then went on “The Real” to talk about her experience on national television. Beauvais is a host on the show and she asked Hough questions during the interview.

Hough later voluntarily dropped the lawsuit, but Minaj wasn’t quick to forget anything that happened — and she certainly isn’t friendly with Beauvais, as evidenced by Sunday’s radio rant.

Here’s what you need to know:

Minaj Mocked Beauvais Over the Recent Scandal Involving Her 14-Year-Old Son Jax Nilon

At one point during her “Tea Time,” Minaj started talking about Beauvais. Although she didn’t mention her by name in the clip that’s floating around the internet, she made it very clear who she was talking about.

Minaj mocked Beauvais in regard to her 14-year-old son Jax Nilon. In August 2022, Nilon was forced to make his Instagram private after he received dozens of hate-filled, harassing messages, according to Page Six.

“Now, this lady is on one of the ‘Real Housewives’ talkin’ bout ‘leave my son alone. Don’t leave comments under my son’s page,'” Minaj mocked.

“If you can’t … stand the heat mother f******, get the f*** out of kitchen b****,” Minaj said. “Did you care about my mother f****** son b****? Did you care about my mother f****** son hoe?”

“I see why that white man left you b**** … disgusting,” Minaj added.

Heavy has reached out to Beauvais’ rep for comment.

Fans Reacted to Minaj’s Rant About Beauvais

Shortly after the clip of Minaj slamming Beauvais was posted online, several people took to social media to react. Many people voiced support for Beauvais and slammed Minaj for her “disgusting” comments.

“Nicki is delusional. The two scenarios are NOTHING alike and furthermore the JOB garcelle was hired to do at ” the real” did not send thousands of people harrasing her infant son. Her adult husband made choices and everyone’s got em. Jax literally didn’t have a nickle in that dime,” one Redditor commented on a thread about the clip.

“So it’s Garcelle’s fault for you marrying a rapist and you spoke on your brother’s behalf when he was se tended to raping a pre-teen FAMILY MEMBER, both of which are listed on sex offenders list ? Yup makes perfect sense,” read another Reddit comment.

This screams that my album is doing well, I’ve done the maximum buttshots possible and I have no other talent to stand on.

“This is disgusting,” someone else tweeted.

“Nicki you are disgusting for this. Am I missing something what would make her say this,” another tweet read.

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4 months ago

Garcelle — It seems Nicki feels left out to say the least. Guessing she thinks she deserves a diamond for that mouth when in essence the viewers prefer those with things that don’t run a foul. You have handled yourself with true grace and class, which is why she still won’t get a diamond. I call you & Sutton – SUGAR for obvious reasons!! So, don’t pay no mind to those who try to hurt you because Karma has a way to bite those who bit, just because they wanted to. Stay cool & kind!! SUGAR has my vote!!!

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