RHOBH Star Makes Bold Claim About Kyle Richards & Kathy Hilton’s Relationship

Kyle Richards Kathy Hilton

Getty Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton.

Kyle Richards and her sister Kathy Hilton had a rough ride while filming the 12th season of  “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Following an explosive cast trip to Aspen, the sisters’ relationship became strained amid rumors that Hilton talked about Richards behind her back. During a July 2022 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” Richards told host Andy Cohen that she and Hilton were “speaking again” after a period of estrangement.

“[Kathy and I] were having a little bit of a rough patch after the season,” she revealed, before adding that they had reconciled.

But the two may be on the outs again, according to one co-star.

Garcelle Beauvais Said the Sisters Are ‘Not Great’ Right Now

During a September 21, 2022 appearance on ‘Watch What Happens Live,” Garcelle Beauvais was asked if she stands by a previous comment that she is closer to Hilton than Richards is.

After calling the question” shady,” Beauvais replied, “Yes!”

“I know Kyle did not like that,” Beauvais added. “But hello? They’re not great right now so yes, I’m closer [to Kathy than Kyle is].”

This is not the first time Beauvais has claimed she’s closer to Hilton than her own sister is. When she was a guest on “Watch What Happens Live” in April 2022, Cohen asked her, “Garcelle, do you think you and Kathy Hilton are closer than she is with Kyle right now?,” and she responded, “Absolutely.”

Richards was not happy about Beauvais’ claim. During an Amazon Live later that month, she told fans she was “shocked” and “hurt” by her co-star’s remark about her relationship with her sister.

“This is someone who’s known my sister for two seasons on a reality show,” Richards said. “She’s comparing knowing someone from a reality show for a couple of seasons to a lifetime of sisters. Regardless of whether Kathy and I are having issues, that was really hurtful.”

Richards also responded to a post about Beauvais’ claim on the All About RH Instagram page. “We are sisters. Blood,” she wrote. “Family goes through stuff. They have known each other for 2 seasons on a reality show. Regardless, the comment was not necessary.”

Kyle Richards & Kathy Hilton May Have Had a Setback While Filming the RHOBH Season 12 Reunion

Kyle Richards

GettySisters Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton.

Although Richards and Hilton were on speaking terms over the summer, the RHOBH reunion may have stirred up new problems. Ahead of the reunion taping, Richards told the “Watch What Happens Live Aftershow”  that she was dreading facing her sister on-camera.

“It’s going to be difficult with my sister. We went through some hard times on the show,” Richards said.

During a September 14, 2022 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” RHOBH star Erika Jayne also hinted that things did not go well as the sisters rehashed the season.

“It was a lot,” Erika said. “I mean it was really trying. And it was hard to see some family dynamics in front of us. …It was tough. It was tough.”

The “Pretty Mess” singer added that for the first time in history, none of the cast members hugged one another at the end of the reunion, and no cast photo was taken.

“Yeah there was no cast picture and that was a first,” Cohen confirmed. “And I didn’t really push it. I think when you see it you will see why.”

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