Garcelle Beauvais Slams ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Costar As ‘Conniving’

Garcelle Beauvais

YouTube/Bravo Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle Beauvais is “owning it” when it comes to her opinion of her “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” costar, Lisa Rinna.

During a recent appearance on PEOPLE TV’s Reality Check, Beauvais was asked which one of her costars was the most conniving. In response, Beauvais said, “I would go back to Rinna.”

Beauvais also answered Rinna when she was asked who was the person most likely to start drama in front of the cameras. “Oh, Rinna,” Beauvais revealed. “She definitely knows when the cameras are on for sure. I mean, she started as an actor. She knows what she’s doing.”

Last season, Beauvais and Rinna butted heads as Beauvais was unhappy with the way that Rinna treated their friend and former costar, Denise Richards, in the midst of her affair scandal with Brandi Glanville. Instead of taking Richards’ side, Rinna took Glanville’s side. Now, the two are trying to patch things up but based on Beauvais’ recent interview, it seems like their friendship is still a work in progress.

Beauvais Thinks That Rinna’s Treatment of Richards Was ‘Disturbing’

During a May 2021 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Beauvais also called Rinna’s treatment of Richards last season “disturbing,” revealing that it was tough to see her act so poorly towards her so-called friend.

“I feel like with Rinna, I had a really hard time because we had been friends for so long and to see her treat another friend that she has known for so long [like that], really, was disturbing to me,” Beauvais told the outlet. “And I felt like, how do I trust you if you can do that to someone you’ve known?”

Beauvais continued about her own relationship with Rinna, “I think she wants to make it right, but I don’t think you can make it right over one drink or dinner. I felt like she went to a place that was so unnecessary last season, so it was hard for me to get around that, and we’re still working. I mean, I told her flat out that trust is important, and I don’t necessarily trust her wholeheartedly. So during the season you will see us trying to figure it out. Some good, some not so much.”

Rinna Has Not Contacted Richards Since Last Season

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Although Rinna has since apologized to Beauvais about her behavior last season, there’s still one person she hasn’t made amends with yet, and that’s Richards. During a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Rinna revealed that she hasn’t spoken to Richards since last season’s reunion.

“I have not [reached out to her],” Rinna revealed to Access Hollywood. “You know, I think time will tell where that will go, you know?”

Rinna also explained that she feels like she’s moved on from the situation. “I have, yeah,” Rinna said. “We’ve had a very difficult year, I think, with COVID, and what we’ve all been through. I think there’s a much bigger picture going on. I like to live in the moment, and I’m like, in this moment, let’s move on, life is short. It is short, so, moving on.”

New episodes of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” premiere every Wednesday night at 8/7c on Bravo.

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