Garcelle Beauvais & Teddi Mellencamp Feud Over Shady Comment

Bravo/YouTube Garcelle Beauvais and Teddi Mellencamp

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cameras go down, but the drama doesn’t. And it looks like there’s a new feud on the horizon.

Current cast member Garcelle Beauvais and former cast member Teddi Mellencamp have taken to Twitter to share what went down between the two of them. Mellencamp made the first comment when she gave a rundown of her reappearance on RHOBH during her “Teddi Tea Pod With Teddi Mellencamp” podcast on Tuesday, August 24. During the episode, Mellencamp stood up for Erika Jayne, and in a confessional, Beauvais called her a “gnat” for being “annoying for no reason.”

Mellencamp dished, “[Beauvais] goes, ‘Why is she even here, and why does she get to have an opinion? And she says it to production and of course she knows they can’t use that, but I hear her say it, and I’m like, ‘Well do I need to ask you when I can speak Garcelle?” Kyle Richards also appeared on the podcast and agreed with her bff saying, “That was not cool to say the least.”

Bravo fan account @QueensofBravo tweeted about Mellencamp’s podcast, and Beauvais then shared her side of the story. She replied, “Well that’s not true!” to which another fan responded, “We really want it to be tho. Like really!” Beauvais added, “I said it in front of her while we were filming.”

Mellencamp & Richards Fired Back

Of course, the feud didn’t stop with Beauvais’s reply. Mellencamp also gave her two cents and defended her initial statement.

Mellencamp replied to Beauvais’s tweet, “I said you said while looking at prod in front of me while filming & I responded, ‘Do I need to ask you when I can speak?’ Maybe I should have asked why you text me Happy Bday or about mattresses & agents if you’re so bothered by me. But feed the trolls & thanks for the listeners!”

Another fan then asked many fans’ burning question tweeting, “But why were you actually there though? It made no sense.” Mellencamp then gave fans a straight answer writing, “Y’all say you want ‘reality’ but when someone who was on the show for three years and has actual friendships with most of the cast shows up to a dinner you question why I…”

Richards also jumped in to defend her close friend when a fan asked a similar question about why Mellencamp was at the dinner party. She replied, per CheatSheet, “Because she was a guest like everyone else AND friends with everyone there,” Richards replied. “She was also on the show for 3 seasons. If you were my guest and friends with everyone, do you think you should not speak or have an opinion?”

Beauvais Is Keeping Her Distance From Some of the RHOBH Ladies

Mellencamp isn’t the only RHOBH star that Beauvais won’t be best friends with anytime soon. Beauvais revealed that she is not speaking with her co-star Dorit Kemsley, on an August 11 episode of E! News’ Daily Pop.

Earlier this year in May, Kemsley spoke with Access Hollywood where she was asked which of her costars she thinks is “acting a bit too much” and is “not being too authentic” this season. “Hmm, can I pass?” Kemsley initially responded. When the reporter told her no, the star finally answered, “Garcelle [Beauvais] for me.”

Beauvais seems as though she didn’t take Kemsley’s statement lightly. “I am an actress,” Beauvais said on Daily Pop. “I could do it but I’m not doing it. I haven’t spoken to her. I’ll see her at the reunion.”

The feud may be more surprising, considering Beauvais has conflicted with Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna over the last two seasons. This season, Beauvais and Kemsley have looked to be getting along well, even spending some one-on-one bonding time together.

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