Major Trouble Involving Erika Jayne on RHOBH May Be Brewing

Getty Images Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke unfollowed Erika Jayne on Instagram.

It seems there may be some major drama brewing in Beverly Hills.

As the new season of “Real Housewives” is in the middle of filming, there have been some social media clues that things may not be going so great, and it’s possible that there have been some disagreements or fights that have strained friendships.

Bravo cameras have been filming the ladies for several weeks, taking a brief hiatus due to COVID-19. There has been a lot going on with Erika Jayne, specifically, whose storyline is expected to pick up where it left off in season 13. Erika is going through a pretty nasty divorce, and she’s facing some legal issues after her husband was accused of embezzlement, which has left her in the middle of a mess.

At the end of January 2022, some fans noticed that Erika was unfollowed on Instagram by fellow housewife Garcelle Beauvais. A short while later, there was chatter that Sutton Stracke had also unfollowed “theprettymess,” according to Page Six, leading many to believe that the RHOBH drama has hit a fever pitch. However, Heavy can confirm that, at the time of this writing, Sutton still follows Erika.

Here’s what you need to know:

Erika Responded to Garcelle Unfollowing Her

Garcelle made a bit of a big move by unfollowing Erika on Instagram, and it suggests that something happened between the two of them that has caused enough tension that Garcelle has no interest in supporting her on social.

“Garcelle has unfollowed Erika on Instagram as #RHOBH filming winds down,” the BravoHousewives Instagram account posted on January 26, 2022. It didn’t take long for Erika to pop up in the comments.

“Well me unfollow her back [sic],” she wrote.

At the time of this writing, a look through the 604 accounts that Erika is following showed that Garcelle was indeed still among them.

However, a source told Page Six that something did indeed go down between the two women.

“Garcelle has been coming for Erika this season,” a source told the outlet. “A couple nights ago, while filming, they really got into it with each other,” the source added.

Fans Have Mixed Reactions to Garcelle Unfollowing Erika

Without really knowing what went down that may have caused Garcelle to unfollow Erika, fans are already picking sides.

“I’m already on Garcelle’s side,” one Instagram user wrote in the comments section of the BravoHousewives post.

“I’m tired of Erika, I can’t respect how she’s moving. Maybe she should watch the documentary on Hulu and see the victims story,” another person wrote.

“Love Garcelle!! I’m sure Erika deserved it,” added a third person.

Other social media users are very curious about what has gone down between the two women, and many seem to be looking forward to watching the new season to see how things shake out.

“This is the feud we were fully robbed from last season because it really didn’t develop as much as it should’ve,” one person commented.

“This should be good,” someone else wrote.


At least one RHOBH fan seemed kind of bummed that this happened.

“I wonder how long before Erika unfollows her back lol they had so much potential to be girlfriends too,” the comment read.


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