Gia Giudice Criticized for Reacting to Margaret Josephs in Defense of Her Mom

Gia Giudice

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“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice has been vocal about her issues with her co-star, Margaret Josephs, throughout the show’s twelfth season, which premiered in 2022. In season 12, episode 9, the cast attended Dolores Catania‘s softball charity event to raise money for the Maimonides Medical Center in Coney Island. During a confessional interview, Teresa shared she wanted her co-stars to wear apparel from her workout line in collaboration with Electric Yoga called The Love Collection at the game. She explained she planned to sell her clothes and give a percentage of the proceeds to the medical center at the event.

While getting ready for the softball game, Josephs revealed that she did not want to wear Teresa’s clothing because of her behavior at a team-building event. When the mother of four and her oldest daughter Gia entered the locker room, she announced she had her athletic wear for her co-stars. 

Josephs then stated, “No, we’re good,” causing Teresa to ask, “You have to say it like that? We’re good?” The 54-year-old repeated herself, eliciting a reaction from Gia, who appeared bothered. 

“I mean, you’re wearing the same thing anyway, we’re all wearing black leggings. She supports you guys with everything,” said the 21-year-old. 

Gia later said that Josephs “is just such a b***” when privately talking to her mother. 

“Just because my mom and Margaret aren’t getting along, they are both still friends, so Margaret not supporting her is just like very rude,” asserted the college student in a confessional interview. 

On March 29, a Reddit user shared the clip of Gia speaking with Josephs in season 12, episode 9. 

“RHONJ S12E9 PREVIEW: Gia fires back at Margaret,” read the caption. 

Reddit Users Shared Their Opinions About Gia Giudice

Several Reddit users flocked to the post’s comments section to share their opinions on Gia’s interaction with Josephs. 

“Stop trying to make Gia happen.. no one gives two s*** about her opinion 🙄 this is a housewives show.. not the real college students of New Jersey,” wrote one fan

“This is s*** I was talking about a while ago. If your child is an adult and gets involved in the drama, then they are fair game. Gia wants to be a housewife so bad,” asserted another. 

“She need to stop getting involved in women business,” shared a different person

“Gia needs to put a cork in it. It looks really sad for 50-something women to have to respond to a 21-year-old daughter of their co-worker like her voice should have any weight on the task they’re performing (making a TV show). Doesn’t Gia have friends she can hang out with during the summer? Her sorority, someone, anyone? Anyone not on TV and co-workers of her mother?” added a commenter

“Gia soooooo wants to get involved. The little smile on her face after she said it. She wants everyone to know she’s an adult now. She doesn’t need to be challenging any adult in the room unless they are family. She is not a housewife – sit down Gia save that energy for your Zio Joe 😂,” shared another “RHONJ” fan

“I’m sorry but Gia always seems so entitled! I hate her attitude not here but In general,” chimed in a sixth Reddit user

Margaret Josephs Discussed Her Feud With Teresa Giudice

During a February 2022 interview on “The Wendy William Show,” Josephs spoke about her feud with Teresa. She noted that the 49-year-old was unhappy with her for having inquiries about her fiance Luis “Louie” Ruelas. The fashion designer explained that she was concerned after seeing a video that showed Ruelas begging an unidentified woman on a beach. 

“There’s things to address, there is that video and when you look up what the video is you do go to this camp and you have to take out your aggression so you don’t beat up women, so I thought that was a little bizarre so I was like he has to address this. It’s nothing that I dug up. It’s a few red flags, let him address it. That was it,” asserted Josephs. 

She then shared that the “RHONJ” cast “all care for [Teresa].”

“We’ve always said she’s a national treasure, we’ve always been concerned for her and you know what, I want my friends to not blow smoke to me, I want everyone to be brutally honest and that’s it,” explained the 54-year-old. 

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