Was Gia Giudice at the RHONJ Reunion?

Gia Giudice.

Bravo Gia Giudice is rumored to be a part of the RHONJ reunion.

Teresa Giudice‘s daughter Gia Giudice took on a bigger role for season 12 of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” and fans have had mixed feelings about it since the start of the season.

The 21-year-old has almost been in a “friend of” position, attending events alongside her mom, and has been getting involved in some things involving other cast members. For example, at the beginning of the season, Gia went toe-to-toe with her uncle, Joe Gorga. The two got into a heated argument at a pool party held at Dolores Catania’s home.

On the March 29, 2022, episode, Gia mouthed off to RHONJ star Margaret Josephs, who basically refused to wear athletic wear from Teresa’s line.

Gia’s larger role on the season earned her an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen — and there was a rumor that she was going to make an appearance at the RHONJ reunion.

Here’s what you need to know:

Rumors That Gia Was Going to Be on the Reunion Surfaced Days Before the it Filmed

Gia would have been the first NJ Housewife’s kid to take part in a reunion special. A report that she was going to be filming with the other stars of the show surfaced by way of a blind sent to BravoandCocktails ahead of the event — and fans were quick to react.

“As this housewives show prepares to film its latest reunion, I have it on good authority to reveal that one of the housewife’s children has been invited to make a guest appearance during filming. Producers feel because they have been involved with some of the adult drama more so than ever in the history of the show this season (and will continue to be as the season progresses), producers feel they should hear their side of things. Why they have chosen to get more involved, how it felt, where they stand with the other adults, etc,” the blind, posted on March 29, 2022, read.

“Her take will definitely stir things up even more, I guarantee it,” the anonymous source added.

A short while later, Kim D sat down for an interview on the “Behind The Velvet Rope” podcast in which she confirmed that Gia would be taping the reunion.

“I heard she’s coming to the reunion. She’s going to be on the reunion cause she’s got something to say about the, you know, about the season because you’re seeing a lot of her,” she said.

However, after the reunion already taped and there was no sign of Gia.

RHONJ Fans Reacted to the Idea of Gia Being at the Reunion

Shortly after the blind was posted, some RHONJ fans took to Reddit to express their disapproval of Gia’s rumored guest appearance on the RHONJ reunion special.

“I don’t think having the kids on ANY of these shows is a great idea, personally. and the reunions are always a sh** show…especially NJ,” one Redditor commented on the thread.

“My eyes can’t roll enough,” another person added.

“Oh god please NO !!!!! Her head is getting so big it’s going to EXPLODE,” a third comment read.

“I’m sorry but she is too big for her britches. I would have never involved myself in dealings of my mother out of respect. I really cannot stand Theresa and Gia is becoming just like her,” a fourth Reddit user wrote.

“Gia is not contributing anything, except defending her mom & dad, on this show. It’s not productive to have her in the mix, at all! GIA NEEDS TO GO,” read another comment.

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