Gwyneth Paltrow Finally Addresses RHONY Scary Island Name-Drop

Gwyneth Paltrow

Getty Gwyneth Paltrow addressed an 11-year-old name-drop on "Real Housewives of New York."

Gwyneth Paltrow was famously name-dropped during an iconic “Real Housewives of New York” feud and 11 years later, she’s finally talking about it.

During the third season of “RHONY”, the ladies traveled to St. John and things between Bethenny Frankel and Kelly Bensimon didn’t quite go smoothly.

The two were arguing about tabloid leaks and Bensimon made some statements that confused everyone, including the iconic name-drop in season 3, episode 12, aptly named “Sun, Sand, and Psychosis.”

“What about when you attacked Gwyneth, my friend Gwyneth?” Bensimon asked Frankel.

“Who’s Gwyneth?” Frankel asked.


Fans had always wondered if Paltrow knew about her mention in the show, and while the Oscar-winning actress was a guest of “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen on October 22, she addressed it … kind of.

“I have to tell you, we’ve never asked you this, you’ve been on the show before. And every time you come on, we get this question for you,” Cohen said to Paltrow. “Your name was notoriously dropped during season 3 of a very famous episode of ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ on Scary Island. I just want you to watch this clip and tell me if any of this makes sense to you.”

After watching the clip Paltrow simply gives Cohen a side-eye.

The name-drop became so iconic to viewers that Screen Rant even named it the number one quote from Bensimon’s time on the show.

“All right, there you go!” Cohen said after Paltrow’s side-eye. “That’s all I needed to know. Thank you.”

Bensimon Thinks Her Joining the RHONY Cast Threatened Frankel

In Dave Quinn’s “Real Housewives” tell-all book, “Not All Diamonds and Rosé,” Bensimon claimed she put Frankel on edge when she joined the “Real Housewives of New York” cast.

“Bethenny was just looking for attention. She was so insecure,” Bensimon told Quinn. “Remember, she was the old guard and I was the new, pretty, fun girl. She didn’t have kids. I was a mom with young kids. She was struggling in her career, I was accomplished.”

The two famously butted heads pretty much instantly, as you can see in season 2 when Bensimon joined the cast.

“There were just so many things about me that — and I don’t like to use the word ‘threatened’ because I don’t like it when women talk about each other in those kinds of terms — but she felt a certain way about me that I somehow became her nemesis, immediately,” Bensimon said.

According to Page Six, Frankel declined to be interviewed for Quinn’s book.

Fans Loved Paltrow’s Reaction to the Scary Island Drama

When Bravo shared the “Watch What Happens Live” moment on Instagram, the fans immediately ate up Paltrow’s response — or lack thereof.

I needed this answer!” another user wrote, “I am deceased” accompanied with a bunch of laughing emojis.

Even though the fight happened over 10 years ago, fans are clearly still invested in the drama.

Another person wrote, “Didn’t even have to say a word.”

One commenter joked, “Scary island is the gift that keeps on giving.”

Some fans believe this is proof that Bensimon and Paltrow were never really friends.

Housewife Ramona Singer commented asking Cohen what Paltrow had said about the incident. In response, one fan answered, “Gwyneth does not know Kelly, nor was Bethany rude to Gwyneth. Kelly is, in fact, crazy.”

Another fan wrote, “Now we know Kelly lost it.”

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