‘Real Housewives’ Star, 54, Cries After Receiving Bill for Frozen Embryos

Frozen embryos.

Getty Images A "Real Housewives" star shares a sad post about her frozen embryos.

A “Real Housewives of Orange County” star shared a heartbreaking post about the embryos that she had frozen years ago.

Heather Dubrow and her husband Terry made the decision to freeze embryos as part of their IVF journey. The couple shares four children — Nick, Max, Kat and Coco — together, but has kept these two embryos long after they were done having kids.

Dubrow continues to pay for them each year, though she hasn’t decided what to do with them just yet — a struggle that many women face.

“It’s that time of year again when I pay for my 2 frozen embryos. I cry, sit in it for a bit, take a deep breath, pay the bill and wait until next year,” she captioned a photo of the bill she received. Dubrow paid $800 to keep her two embryos frozen and safely stored for the year. She previously had been paying $750. “I notice their rent has gone up,” she wrote in the caption of her post, noting the $50 price increase.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Other ‘Real Housewives’ Stars Revealed They Do the Same Thing Each Year

Dubrow isn’t the only “Real Housewives” star that has embryos stored. In fact, a couple of Bravo stars commented on her post, letting her know that she isn’t alone.

“I still pay for 9 embryos each year. I go through the same thing,” RHOC’s Emily Simpson said.

“Yes every single year, I feel ya girl,” wrote former RHOC star Gretchen Rossi. Rossi shared her pregnancy journey with the world as she tried to have a baby for years without success. In 2018, however, she got pregnant.

“It’s honestly so surreal still. When you go through a journey like we’ve been through for the last four years together, it’s one of those things where you keep pinching yourself and you keep wondering, ‘is this real?'” she told People magazine at the time. In July 2019, Rossi welcomed a baby girl.

Dubrow Asked Her Followers What They Do With Their Embryos

Dubrow does seem to be done having children, but she continues to keep paying for her embryos because it’s extremely emotional to think about letting them go.

“Anyone else have this moment? I will talk about this on the podcast soon … curious what any of you do with your embryos?” the reality star asked. Several people were able to sympathize and many offered her advice.

“When I decided I was done trying, I gave my remaining embryos up for adoption through an agency and was blessing to help 3 other women along their journey from infertility to a baby in their arms,” one Instagram user said.

“I work in IVF. A lot of ladies pay rent on their embryo’s every year, although they have no plans in using them. There is no judgement whether you keep, discard or donate them. They are your DNA and potential family members after all. Don’t feel guilty and you’re allowed to cry, it’s an awful process to get those embryos,” someone else added.

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