Heather Dubrow Goes Off on Kelly Dodd


Getty RHOC Cast in 2016

During a new interview, former Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow slammed Kelly Dodd for her recent comments on social media.

“I mean, you know, cancel culture is such a tricky thing because when there’s gray area it’s hard ’cause [it] can ruin people’s lives and careers and whatnot,” Dubrow recently told Us Weekly about Dodd. “Having said that, and having not seen exactly what was said, I’ll tell you this: a leopard doesn’t change its spots, right? People show you who they are. And at some point, you have to listen.”

Dubrow continued, telling Us Weekly, “Hopefully, people do grow and evolve but after years and years of a pattern, I think sometimes you get to the point where you go, ‘Yeah, that’s the path you’re on. That’s not changing.'”

Dubrow was a cast member on The Real Housewives of Orange County during seasons 7-11.

Kelly Dodd Has Apologized for Her Comments on Social Media

Over the past few months, Dodd has come under fire for some of the comments that she has said on social media. In April 2020, Dodd wrote on Instagram that the coronavirus was “God’s way of thinning the herd,” according to Page Six, and has also questioned the importance of wearing a mask. Additionally, Dodd has made insensitive comments about the Black Lives Matter movement, as she wore a hat that read “Drunk Wives Matter” during her bachelorette party in October. Dodd sported the hat on her Instagram page.

Recently, Dodd apologized for her comments and claimed that she didn’t mean any harm by them. During the first part of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special, she said that she felt “terrible” about it. Dodd also apologized during a December 2020 appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

“Of course I regret saying that,” Dodd said while on Watch What Happens Live about her coronavirus comment. “At the time, it was a question, like why are all of these people dying? I didn’t realize. It was a question, like, why does a pandemic happen like this, is it God’s way of thinning the herd? It was a stupid thing for me to say and it was insensitive. I apologize if I hurt or offended anybody because that wasn’t my intention. I got like, freaked out about it, and in hindsight, it was the stupidest thing I’ve ever said.”

Other ‘Real Housewives’ Have Called Kelly Dodd out for Her Comments

Heather Dubrow isn’t the only Real Housewives star who has called out Dodd for her social media comments. During a recent interview, former star Vicki Gunvalson called out the star.

“Kelly is a living nightmare who continues to make reckless comments with no regard for the impact her words may have,” Gunvalson recently told Champion Daily. “While I continue to be surprised Bravo would continue to endorse her behavior- especially given all of the fan pushback on social media regarding the horrendous things she’s said- time will tell if she will remain on the show or not.”

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