Fans Slam Heather Dubrow for ‘Scripted’ Confrontation With Shannon Beador

Heather Dubrow

Bravo Heather Dubrow in 2021.

Fans are going after Heather Dubrow for a “Real Housewives of Orange County” teaser clip that appears staged.

Fans of RHOC are voicing their frustration and aiming it at Heather after a teaser clip posted on Bravo’s Instagram on December 23, 2021, appears to be scripted.

“If you ever come after me or my family ever again, you’re going to lose a lot more than just my friendship,” Heather tells Shannon in the clip. “This will cost a lot. And I’m not saying this as a threat, I’m saying it as a promise.”

A popular Real Housewives meme account, christiangraysnow, shared the clip with the caption, “Y’all I’m sorry but this line of Heather’s was so scripted and forced” and many of the commenters agreed.

Here’s everything we know:

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Fans Are ‘Embarrassed’ by Heather’s Message to Shannon ‘It Was Cringe’

Former RHOC star, Vicki Gunvalson, commented “Omg” on the post, with the laughing emoji. Fans chimed in with their own take, “nothing like the original years! This season is rehearsed and staged! So hard to watch!”

“Heather always understands the assignment, a fan wrote.

“I just want an OC where a family van is unacceptable,” a fan wrote. “Vicki does keg stands at college parties while Tamra does some last minute swiffering in heels before the iconic naked wasted party! Is that too much to ask???”

Another fan joked about the scene being from an actual scripted show, “Is this a scene from Malibu Country? Was Gretchen also offered this role?”

“Caroline Manzo did it first,” a fan wrote referencing RHONJ. “Let me tell you something about my family…”

“It was cringe,” another fan wrote. “Literally every scene she has is scripted,” another fan wrote.

“i am sorry i can’t even watch this without laughing out loud i feel like i am watching dynasty or something,” a fan wrote.

“I bit my nail and cringed like it was someone I knew acting in a bad school play. I felt embarrassed for her,” another fan wrote.

Heather Says Shannon Took a Week to Finally Text Her About Ruining Her Sushi Party

The feud between Heather and Shannon all started over Nicole James and a lawsuit she supposedly filed against Heather’s husband Terry Dubrow many years ago. Shannon was spreading the news throughout the wives and never said a word to Heather. It was Gina Kirschenheiter who finally spilled the beans in episode 2 and all hell broke loose.

Heather’s anger was aimed at Gina for being the “messenger” but Shannon took the brunt of it for spreading the rumor, to begin with.

“What I remember is: It took Shannon almost a week to reach out to me, maybe over a week,” Heather told Insider of Shannon’s reaction after the now-infamous sushi party.

In a later episode, Shannon explained why it took so long to text Heather, “I didn’t reach out to you immediately because you didn’t want to accept my apology, you said that to me that night. My friendship with you means something to me and I care about you and Terry.”

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