RHOSLC Heather Gay’s Family Inherited Money From Howard Hughes

Heather Gay

NBCUMV Heather Gay from RHOSLC

Get ready, because The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is here and it’s coming to a screen near you! This new franchise will document the glitz and glamour of a group of women living in Salt Lake City, Utah, and they are extremely fabulous.

While many of the women on the show are wealthy, star Heather Gay’s wealth actually goes way back. During the premiere of the show, Gay revealed that her ex-husband’s grandfather inherited money from businessman Howard Hughes. According to Bustle, this means that Gay and her ex were considered “Mormon royalty,” and are worth millions of dollars.

However, Gay has since divorced her wealthy ex-husband and is now making a name for herself. According to her Bravo bio, Gay was married to her ex-husband for 11 years. Gay is the owner of Beauty Lab + Laser, which offers celebrity spa treatments, such as lip injections, Botox, and Coolsculpting. Gay’s business will be featured on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, and viewers will get to learn more about Beauty Lab + Laser and Gay’s story.

Heather Gay Said Her Divorce Was ‘Painful’

During an October 30 interview with Page Six, Gay spoke about her divorce, which she called “painful.” Gay told Page Six, “I didn’t know how to function. I’m still having a very, very difficult time. I didn’t know anyone that was Mormon and divorced and single and happy.”

Gay continued, telling Page Six, “I either had to get remarried or redefine my entire life. I had three little kids and I didn’t know how to do it and nobody gave me any guidance.”

However, this season, Gay will also be exploring the world of dating to try to move past her difficult divorce. “I’m looking for anyone who’s completely inappropriate and damaged and under the age of 30,” Gay joked to Bustle. “I look for love from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to bed. I just never find it.”

Heather Gay Distanced Herself from the Mormon Church After the Divorce

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Even though Gay may have married into Mormon royalty, after her divorce, she decided to distance herself from the Church. “I’m walking away in the show, this is the process,” Gay recently explained to Entertainment Tonight. “I’m lighting my entire life on fire, and it is hard. … It’s devastating because it felt like the option got ripped out from me, because so much about Mormonism is based on marriage and the family, and when that imploded, like, it didn’t feel like I really had an option. I didn’t know a lot of single Mormon moms that were successful. They either got remarried immediately or just were struggling, and I didn’t really have anyone to pattern my life after. So it was, for me, it was very unsettling, and it’s been really difficult.”

Gay continued, telling Entertainment Tonight, “I’m kinda like, listen, it didn’t work out for me and there’s no way for me to make it work out, so I’m going to set the whole thing on fire and live how I felt when I was born.”

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