EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: RHOSLC Heather Gay Dishes on Her ‘Housewives’ Journey

Heather Gay

NBCUMV Heather Gay from RHOSLC

Get ready, because winter is coming, and so are The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City! Bravo fans rejoice because, on November 11, this new franchise will be making its way to your screens, and it’s definitely unlike any other Housewives franchise you’ve seen before. Recently, Heavy caught up with one of the new ‘wives, Heather Gay, to talk about all things Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, as well as her journey to becoming a Real Housewife. 

Originally, Gay had thought that she show was going to be about businesswomen living in Salt Lake City, Utah. “I was friends with Lisa [Barlow], and she had talked to me about doing a show about businesswomen in Utah,” Gay explained to Heavy. “Someone from production about a year later called me and we did a quick phone interview, and then he was like, let’s film it, and we did a Skype interview. An hour later, I was telling him about my life on camera, and I never really thought I’d be considered. I thought I was kind of part of a hub of women in Salt Lake with my business, that I knew a lot of people and could refer a lot of my friends who I thought would be fascinating to be on TV.”

Gay continued, telling Heavy that she didn’t know the show was going to be a Real Housewives franchise until after she had been cast. “We thought it was a business show about women, so we didn’t even know it was Housewives until like late October, two weeks before they announced it,” Gay told Heavy. “It was crazy. So, when Andy announced it at BravoCon, that was the most surreal moment because that was like, something I’ve been doing, I now have something to look to. I knew Housewives forward and backward, and I never anticipated it being Housewives until he announced it.

Gay comes to The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City as a divorced mother with three daughters, and as described in her Bravo bio, she is on a “journey of self-discovery.”

Heather Gay Enjoyed Filming

Once Gay was cast for the show, she really enjoyed where the experience on The Real Housewives took her. “Filming was crazy fun,” Gay told Heavy. “It was such a departure from my normal life, such a departure from, you know, carpool and kids and sack lunches, and all of the menial s*** we have to do as moms, it was awesome. And then, you know, the women are fascinating and fabulous and cool, and so we got to do great things together. The crew was great, I loved it. I forgot the cameras were there and had the time of my life, really. It’s hard, but it’s great.”

Gay continued, explaining that although there is a fair share of drama that goes down, she still wants viewers to see that it’s not all about that. “I hope people see how much fun we really have when we’re together,” Gay said. “There’s a lot of drama, but the truth is, these women are funny and fascinating and opinionated and oblivious and we have a lot of fun.”

Heather Gay Wants Viewers to Know That She Is ‘Doing Her Best’

When it comes down to it, Gay said that she wants viewers to know that she is “doing her best.” Even though The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City will document the drama and luxurious lifestyles of the women, it will also document more serious issues, like religion and Mormonism. “I want people to know that I’m doing the best I can,” Gay told Heavy. “I know I’m letting down my community and my ancestors and my religion and probably my children, but I’m just showing up and doing the best I can and I’m doing it for everybody to watch and judge and assess, and I’m here for it.”

Gay continued, “We all have a commonality in our human experience and shows like this, if we really are willing to put it out there, as vulnerable and inappropriate as it may be to some, it’s healing to share experiences and to escape and bond. I love reality TV, so I felt obligated to not hold back in any way, because TV is what gets me through.”

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