Heather Gay Dishes Out Info on the RHOSLC Reunion

Heather Gay

Heavy/NBCUniversal Heather Gay

“The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” season four reunion was filmed in November 2023 ahead of its airing in early January 2024. Fans reacted to the seating chart, which sees Heather Gay and Monica Garcia in the seats closest to Andy Cohen, when Bravo posted it on November 20. Now in a December 1 interview with E! News, Gay shared her reaction to her reunion placement, and how she found out she would be in the hot seat this year.

“Reunion was intense, and we all spent a little time in the hot seat. But as you know, when you sit first chair you get hit with a lot of questions, so definitely I think Monica would have the hot seat this year,” Gay told the outlet.

Heather Gay Doesn’t See a Future for Her & Monica Garcia’s Friendship

In the interview, Gay went on to share that she was in the other “hot seat” to the right of Cohen, eliciting a verbal reaction from E! News hosts Justin Sylvester and Keltie Knight. “You know and I was in the hot seat a little bit as well,” Gay said.

Sylvester then asked if Gay had any prior knowledge to her reunion placement, to which the Beauty Lab + Laser mogul responded, “Do you not watch the show? They do not tell us. They walk us out and then they place you and then you know [where you’re sitting]. Zero prep.”

Although the two still have maintained a good relationship through the December 5 episode of the series, Gay and Garcia’s friendship is not in a good place today. Gay’s company Beauty Lab + Laser is currently involved in a legal battle with Garcia, as Beauty Lab claims that Garcia owes them money for treatments provided in December 2019 and Garcia claims that the treatments included “defective, negligently given injections”.

“She was a customer at Beauty Lab years ago,” Gay told E! News, “and the reason [the case] has been active now is because the press picked it up. I can’t speak a lot about it legally, but essentially she was a customer years ago, and we have a saying at Beauty Lab ‘Everybody is VIP at Beauty Lab.’ Just because you’re on TV doesn’t mean we’re not going to pursue unpaid bills.”

While it is unclear if the lawsuit drama is the extent of Gay and Garcia’s issues, however Gay added, “We’re not friends right now, and I don’t see us making amends.”

Heather Gay Shows Off Her Reunion Look

Gay took to Instagram on December 7 to share a look at her RHOSLC season 4 reunion look. Her look is a floor-length, flowing, pleated orange dress, draped to include one shoulder strap. Gay’s post also included a selfie with Cohen taken from her seat, as well as a selfie with all of her co-stars except Garcia: Meredith Marks, Lisa Barlow, Whitney Rose, and Angie Katsanevas.

“This group shot is very telling 👀” one user commented.

Gay received some love from her castmates and other Housewives stars, including Tamra Judge, who wrote, “You look amazing 🔥.”

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