Fans Don’t Recognize Real Housewives Star in Photo: ‘Who is That?’

Heather Gay

Getty The Real Housewives star looked so different..

Heather Gay had fans talking after she posted an old photo on social media. In January 2023, “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City”  star shared a throwback pic on Instagram as she advertised her upcoming book, “Bad Mormon,” and many fans commented on how much her face has changed over the years.

Gay, 40, is the owner of Beauty Lab + Laser, a Salt Lake City-based beauty business that offers clients injectables, skincare, and more services. In response to her Instagram post, some fans said Gay has gone overboard using her own services.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Didn’t Recognize Heather Gay in Her Throwback Photo

Gay’s photo dates back to her days as a Mormon missionary. She did not date the photo, but she began to transition out of the Church of Latter Day Saints well before she joined the cast of RHOSLC in 2020, she told the Salt Lake City Tribune.

In the photo, Gay smiled widely as she posed alongside two friends. The future Bravo star wore a light blue button-up shirt with a black badge featuring her maiden name, Deans, pinned to it. Gay’s hair had an off-center part and came just below her shoulders in the pic.

“From full time missionary to #BadMormon ….read all about it,” Gay captioned her post.

But in the comment section, some followers zeroed in on Gay’s changed face more than her changed religion as they asked, “Who is that?”

“Who tf is that?!” one fan asked of the photo.  “That ain’t you,” another wrote to Gay.

“Heather needs to leave her face alone,” another commenter added. “She looks like a completely different human being now,” another chimed in. “Wow. She was beautiful …. What has she done to her face now????  another wanted to know.

“Love you… but you don’t look like this,” another told Gay.

Others told Gay to “lose the filler.”

“You can really see where plastic surgery made its mark,” one follower wrote.

“Wow heather you were gorgeous you should leave your face the way God created it to,” another suggested.

Heather Gay Has Admitted That She Loves Botox

Heather Gay

BravoHeather Gay.

Gay has been vocal about procedures she has had done to keep herself youthful looking.  In October 2022, she told Page Six she does regular routine maintenance on her face.

“I get Botox, filler in my lips,” she revealed. “I get Sculptra, which is like a collagen stimulator. …For r someone that’s lazy and avoids self-care, I get every damn thing that comes across the menu. And I get it all for free because I’m the owner.”

Gay also told the outlet that she gets Botox “every three to four months,” and gets her lips done annually. She also endures facials that she described as “painful” a couple of times per year.

During an appearance on “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Aftershow,” Gay doubled down on her love for Botox. She revealed that the injectable treatment is her number one skincare must-have.

“Botox 100 percent,” Gay said. “Don’t waste your time with creams, massages, tools, patches. Just get a needle in the face.  It lasts for six weeks and move on.”

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westmids 67
westmids 67
4 months ago

Sorry but the botox has not done her any favours as shes far more beautiful in the older photo..

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