Jackie Goldschneider Breaks Silence on Accusations Against Teresa Giudice’s Daughter

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Season 11 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey started off with a bang. Cast member Jackie Goldschneider hosted a birthday party for her husband Evan Goldschneider. During the party, fellow cast member Teresa Giudice told multiple people that she heard a rumor Evan Goldschneider was cheating on his wife.

The two sat down at costar Margaret Josephs’ home to discuss the rumor. Goldschneider asked Giudice to admit that it was a false, baseless rumor, and Giudice wouldn’t reveal the source of the rumor. Goldschneider then alleged that Giudice’s, Gia Giudice, daughter does cocaine, which sparked a strong reaction from Giudice.

“You know what, I heard a rumor that Gia snorts coke in the bathroom at parties,” Goldschneider told Giudice during the premiere. “I heard it, I don’t know where I heard it from, but I heard it from somebody.” In response, Giudice calls her a f***ing b****. Goldschneider continues, “It’s the same thing, so how is that not the same thing?” Giudice then stormed out of the room calling her a, “f***ing c***.”

Goldschneider has since broken her silence on her allegations against Gia Giudice. “My analogy about Gia was simply an analogy – there was no truth to it of course,” she tweeted after the premiere on Wednesday, February 17. “The rest of the cast understood this, which you’ll see in the coming weeks. The behavior at my husband’s birthday party is truly unfortunate – destroying a marriage and family is not entertainment.”

In regards to Giudice spreading rumors about her husband, she tweeted, “It’s disgusting. That’s my tweet. Just disgusting. Grow up.”

Goldschneider & Giudice’s Feud Plays Out Throughout the Season

The feud between the two RHONJ stars does not end after the first episode. “Jackie was initially upset because Teresa said [her husband] Evan [Goldschneider] was cheating on Jackie,” a source told HollywoodLife in October. “Then, they got together to resolve that, but then, Jackie put gasoline on the fire by digging into Teresa and Teresa’s fiery personality took over and things between them got worse.”

The source added that it took some time for the ladies to work things out. “Then, they got together to resolve that, but then, Jackie put gasoline on the fire by digging into Teresa and Teresa’s fiery personality took over and things between them got worse….They both said some things that they shouldn’t have, both of which were personal digs involving their families.”

According to HollywoodLife, this was reportedly the reason why Goldschneider did not attend the cast trip and why Goldschneider was rumored to have taken a break from filming. This will all continue to play out during the current season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Jackie Goldschneider Continues to Stand By Her Husband

Prior to the newest RHONJ season, Goldschneider dismissed the rumors and supports her family. “My family will always come first and when something threatens that, I take the time I need to make sure that it is something that is for me,” she told Us Weekly in February. “I don’t want to end up a statistic. I don’t want to be just another Housewife who ended up divorced.”

The mother of four added, “I mean, my family and my marriage is beautiful and it’s wonderful and it’s built on a lot of respect and love and nothing is going to get in the way of that. So, I had to really see if there was a way for the show to be a part of my life and still maintain the integrity of my family and my relationship. And you’ll see us figure that out.”

Goldschneider hinted that she and Giudice will have some major confrontations. “When it comes to my family, I will never be okay with somebody trying to come between us,” she shared with Us Weekly. “So, I’ll never have a thick skin when it comes to my family. The fact that anybody could think that you could do something that potentially destroys a family with four young children, and then just be like, ‘Who cares’ to me? There’s no show I could be on long enough that that would ever happen.”

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