Jackie Goldschneider Reacts to RHONJ Star Saying She’s ‘Always Insecure’

The cast of RHONJ season 14.

Heavy/NBCUniversal The cast of RHONJ season 14.

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” personality Jackie Goldschneider suggested that she is unhappy with her castmate, Rachel Fuda, who joined the show during season 13.

During an appearance on the May 10 episode of the “Two Ts In A Pod” podcast, Goldschneider discussed her demotion to a “friend of” role on RHONJ in season 13. She stated that while she initially felt “uncomfortable” about being a “friend” on RHONJ, she now enjoys the position.

Goldschneider then reacted to Fuda saying she is “always insecure,” regardless of her position on RHONJ, on the May 1 episode of “Two Ts In A Pod.” The former lawyer stated that she did not mind Fuda’s comment because she finds her remarks about her “really irrelevant.” In addition, Goldschneider stated she believed Fuda is “being a mouthpiece for people that she’s trying to impress.”

“I think that there’s a lot of spiraling going on right now. And I think that — I don’t think she’s in a good place,” continued Goldschneider.

In addition, Goldschneider stated that Fuda does not have an accurate assessment of her as the 33-year-old “doesn’t know [her].”

“I can’t even be insulted by it. And second of all, like, if you are going to tell someone that they’re insecure — where did she get her psychology degree from? Like, what is she diagnosing me with? Like, she doesn’t know me,” said the mother of four.

Rachel Fuda Shared Her Thoughts About Jackie Goldschneider

In the May 1 episode of “Two Ts In A Pod,” Fuda briefly discussed Goldschneider feeling unsure how to film on RHONJ after she was demoted in season 13. She stated that she thinks the mother of four is “always insecure,” no matter how much she films on RHONJ. Fuda also stated she believed Goldschneider may want to reconsider remaining on the show’s cast.

“I don’t think it matters if she’s full-time or part-time … Listen, I get it. At that point, like, I don’t know, if you are that insecure about it, tap out. You don’t have to do it. If it’s that uncomfortable for you and it’s that unnatural, then just don’t do it,” said Fuda.

While recording the May 1 “Two Ts In A Pod” episode, Fuda addressed the end of Goldschneider and Margaret Josephs‘ friendship.

“I think it’s a blessing for Margaret,” said Fuda.

Margaret Josephs Opened up About Her Issues With Jackie Goldschneider

In a May 2024 interview with Access Hollywood, Josephs opened up about her ongoing feud with Goldschneider. She hinted that she wished Goldschneider had been more supportive when she was having a difficult time a year after her ex-husband, Jan Josephs’ 2022 death.

Josephs also suggested their relationship worsened after she did not receive an advance copy of Goldschneider’s memoir, “The Weight of Beautiful.” In addition, the 57-year-old stated that Goldschneider was combative when she mentioned the issue.

“When I brought it up to her, she was like, ‘We’re not that close. You’re entitled. How dare you think you should get the book,’” stated the fashion designer.

While speaking to Page Six in November 2023, alongside her castmate Jennifer “Jen” Fessler, Goldschneider shared how she felt about Josephs. She stated that she was “not sad” about ending her friendship with Josephs. The mother of four also teased that fans will have a better understanding of their feud once the entirety of RHONJ season 14 airs.

In addition, Goldschneider stated she was unsure if she would mend her relationship with Josephs.

“There was a trust that got broken. And I don’t know if that’s so easily repairable,” said the 47-year-old.

However, during her May 2024 appearance on “Two Ts In A Pod,” Goldschneider shared she believed she could be friends with Josephs again.

“I don’t hate her at all. I just think what she did to me this season, crossed a lot of lines. I’m always open to repairing relationships,” said Goldschneider.

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