Jacqueline Laurita’s Daughter Goes Off About Her Husband Online

Jacqueline Laurita

Getty Jacqueline Laurita in 2010.

Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter Ashlee Malleo said some harsh words about her husband Pete this week.

Ashlee fired shots at her estranged husband on Instagram this week when she implied Pete had cheated on her when replying to a fan’s comment on a photo of their son.

“My husband is busy f–king some busted looking whore,” Ashlee replied to a fan on Instagram on November 7, 2021, who asked if she was planning on having more children. “But maybe one day.”

Pete has another story, claiming he’s never cheated on Ashlee.

“I’ve never cheated on Ashlee. We’ve been separated since August. All I did was friend request someone and liked some photos. I then asked that person to hang out,” Pete told PageSix. “I clarified that I’m single. We are going through a divorce and Ashlee’s attorney has been served back in early October. To say that I’m cheating is ridiculous. I’ve never in my life cheated on anyone. I’d like to think I’m a good person. I’ve explained to Ashlee numerous times I have no intentions of getting back together and that my only concern is that we continue to show unconditional love to our beautiful son.”

The comments have all been removed from the photo and commenting has since been turned off.

Ashlee Says She Is ‘Disgusted by All of This’ After Hearing of Pete’s Statement

PageSix also reached out to Ashlee for a statement and she felt the need to elaborate on her initial comment.

“To be clear, I never said that Pete cheated on me,” she told the outlet. “What the public put together based on what I said in my Instagram stories is on them … However, if Pete is going to make a statement, then it’s only fair that I respond. This is the last I will say on the matter, as I am disgusted by all of this.”

Despite claiming she was not calling Pete a cheater, she went on to confirm he had cheated.

“Facts are facts. Pete HAS in fact cheated on me in the past,” she told the outlet. “He had an online flirtation with a girl where pictures were exchanged throughout the first year of our relationship, ending somewhere around three months into my pregnancy. It only ended because I confronted the woman. There are a lot of other factors as to why our marriage wasn’t working. Including him not wanting to go to therapy with me. We have been separated since August, yes. Pete knows exactly why.”

Ashlee’s full lengthy statement can be read on PageSix.

Ashlee and Pete Initially Announced Their Separation in 2020 ‘Pete and I Have Been Through so Much Together’

The couple has been on the rocks for some time, initially announcing their separation on July 22, 2020.

“Pete and I have been through so much together over the last ten years of our lives as not only best friends, but partners in navigating parenthood. This was a difficult decision for us. We intend to always be in each other’s lives, and continue to support one another as we grow as individuals,” Ashlee wrote on her Instagram story, according to The Daily Dish. “We will continue being loving, dedicated parents to our son Cameron, who we both love more than anything.”

Ashlee then announced a reconciliation in February 2021.

“Unseparated (for now lol),” she wrote under a photo of them together in Las Vegas, NV.

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