Jeff Lewis Goes off on Heather Dubrow During Radio Show

Jeff Lewis

Getty Jeff Lewis and Heather Dubrow

He’s flipping out.

During a December 22 episode of his radio show on SiriusXM, Jeff Lewis blasted “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Heather Dubrow for what he called “bad acting” this season. His dig came while they were discussing the scene where Dubrow threatened Shannon Beador during episode 4. Beador was Lewis’ guest on the episode.

“You’ll know why Heather never made it as an actress, because she is a terrible one,” Lewis said. “It’s clear…it didn’t matter what you said, Shannon, she had rehearsed a monologue probably with an acting coach and it was like a script. She basically just recited a script that she had already rehearsed.”

Jeff Lewis Live: Stripper Santa & ‘RHOC’ DramaJeff Lewis Live: Stripper Santa & ‘RHOC’ Drama2021-12-23T01:10:56Z

Lewis continued, telling Beador, “I thought your apology was very heartfelt and sincere. It didn’t matter. She had already rehearsed her response which made her look like a cold, calculating b****, because you went to her, with, I think, you were very vulnerable and very sincere, but the problem is that you didn’t follow the script, Shannon, and she did.”

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Lewis Recently Trashed Dubrow During an Appearance on ‘Watch What Happens Live’

This is not the first time that Lewis has come after Dubrow. The two have been in a long-standing feud since 2016, and Lewis recently went off on the star during a December 12 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.”

“Look, I’ve said this before, I personally do not care for Heather Dubrow, but I think that OC needed a villain,” Lewis said during his appearance. “I think she’s the Cruella de Vil of Orange County, are you f****** kidding me?”

Later on in the episode, Lewis went off on Dubrow again when he answered a question from a fan who asked him whether or not he saw the potential to fix his relationship with the “Real Housewives of Orange County” star in the future.

“Heather Dubrow is never gonna f****** happen,” Lewis responded. “Vicki [Gunvalson] is a good person. Heather Dubrow is not. Only because I’ve witnessed how she treated people, I’ll never forget, I’ll never forgive.”

Dubrow Said That She Felt ‘Betrayed’ by Beador This Season

During a December 2021 interview with StyleCaster, Dubrow explained that she felt “betrayed” by Beador this season, as Beador brought up an old lawsuit involving Dubrow’s husband, Terry Dubrow, on camera during her sushi party.

“I’m sitting there like, ‘I’ll be right back.’ I’m weirdly calm at that moment. A million things were going through my mind,” Dubrow told StyleCaster about the incident. “Mostly what I thought was I felt so betrayed. I felt betrayed by production. I felt betrayed by Shannon. I felt betrayed by Gina. I was like, ‘Oh my God. Did I really just open my family up to this? This is the first party and it’s in my house. How did this happen?’” 

Dubrow continued, “I was very upset, saying, ‘I’m leaving! I’m done!’ It was an honest account. We were asked to come back. It was a big conversation in our family. They wanted us to come back, which we appreciated. We felt completely blindsided and betrayed.”

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Harjit Singh
Harjit Singh
7 months ago

I love Jeff but I can’t stand Shannon because she’s a lush and a hypocrite. For someone who came on the show saying she doesn’t put anything toxic in her body yet kept drinking like there is no tomorrow and now she is getting all kinds of help trying to stay looking young… She blames everyone for her own issues…
I don’t care much for Heather but Shannon was completely being a nosy busybody and was going to use it later as a storyline but obnoxious loud Gina, Shannon’s twin stole the storyline for herself and put a stop to it.
Funny as hell? I don’t blame Heather on this…

7 months ago

I find it hysterical that Jeff Lewis, the most narcissistic sociopath on TV is criticizing Heather Dubrow for rudeness. The way he treats his staff is deplorable and his whole persona is anger and entitlement. Heather I think has some class and does not come across as mean in the slightest. Shannon Beador obviously has BDP and Heather sets boundaries with her. Jeff may have the same mental illness and that is why he rescues very sick Shannon.

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