VIDEO: Real Housewife Curses Out Employee

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This Real Housewife may have just gotten caught showing her true colors. Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah has found herself in some troubled waters. The Bravo fan Instagram account @realityvontease2 posted a nearly 4-minute video of what appears to be Shah screaming and cursing out two employees.

Shah is sitting down at a table with her back facing the camera. The RHOSLC star begins the conversation by asking her employees to pack her suitcase, seemingly for the RHOSLC reunion filmed in New York City in early 2021.

She then begins to scream at a female employee, “I’ll f*cking do it, okay, ’cause I’m the one leaving, I’m the one, ’cause the buck stops here and that’s it, and you can stop f*cking smiling b*tch and being a f*cking b*tch, because you are, and you are.”

Shah then asks designer Koa Johnson to, “handle this s*it.” Johnson then tries to diffuse the situation saying, “Let’s…” but Shah cuts him off, screaming, “No, not ‘let’s.’ F*cking handle it. F*cking don’t have a f*cking attitude with me, I’m f*cking going to reunion this week, shut the f*ck up, get the f*ck out, I’m tired.”

She then appears to throw an object from the table to a wall and storms out of the room screaming, “I don’t need this f*cking s*it.”

Coach Shah Attempts to Diffuse the Situation

The video then shows what appears to be Shah’s husband, Coach Sharrieff Shah entering the frame. He grabs the object his wife through and quietly mumbles to her staff members.

She returns to the table yelling, “It’s f*cking reunion, you think I’m living for this s*it? No, what the f*ck is this s*it? I have been very patient all f*cking night, no you know I’m supposed to sit here and listen to this s*it?”

A male voice then begins to reply and Shah snaps back, “F*cking disrespectful, I’ve been dealing with this s*it for how long? Shut the f*ck up.”

Shah continues crying, “I’m getting more upset, because she’s in my f*cking house and being f*cking disrespectful.” Johnson calmly responds, “And that’s not okay.” Shah responds, “Like this is a f*cking joke?” Johnson says, “no.” Shah doesn’t stop, yelling, “You brought her here, that’s why I’m like, ‘Koa [Johnson], handle this s*it, handle this s*it.'” Johnson diffuses the situation saying, “I know, it’s my responsibility.”

Shah has not addressed the video nor responded to Heavy’s request for comment.

Designer Koa Johnson Has Spoken Up

The dress designer mentioned in the video, Koa Johnson, released a statement via Instagram on March 4. In the statement, as seen above, Johnson states that he has been, “verbally assaulted.”

His statement reads, “I’ve been protecting this woman for way too long. Let’s state FACTS: 1. I was brought to Utah to design custom couture gowns for Jen Shah. 2. In the then months I spent working, I have been verbally assaulted, I had to work all hours, through the night, mostly unpaid.”

He continues, “3. I had to tip toe around a hostile work environment in an attempt to preserve my mental health and well-being. 4. The last payment that I received from my previous employer was in September even though I continued working through January.”

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