Jen Shah Accused of Photoshopping Swimsuit Pic With Heather Gay

Heather Gay Jen Shah

Bravo Heather Gay and Jen Shah.

Jen Shah and Heather Gay had a spa day at the Snow Bird Ski Resort, but some fans think they look a little too “refreshed” following the outing.

On the January 10 episode of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” Gay surprised Shah with a spa day as a way to show her some love and support following her arrest by federal agents. In March 2021, Shah was charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering in a nationwide telemarketing scheme, CNN reported at the time. Viewers saw some of the arrest play out on the Bravo reality show as federal agents swarmed the Beauty Lab + Laser parking lot just as the RHOSLC cast prepared to leave for a trip to Vail, Colorado.

In a post shared to Shah’s Instagram page, Shah and Gay were photographed from behind as they sat on the edge of a pool in their swimsuits.

“Suns Out, Buns Out ….and a whole lot more tonite on an all new #RHOSLC,” Shah captioned the pic.

You can see the photo here.

Fans Reacted to the Swimsuit Photo & Accused Jen Shah of Photoshopping It

On Shah’s Instagram page, the comments were complimentary. One fan wrote that the two looked “cute” in the cheeky pic. “Wow! Both of you look amazing,” another agreed.

But in a Reddit thread, it was a different story as several commenters accused Shah of doctoring the pic. One commenter joked that the pic looked like “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” stars Erika Jayne and Kyle Richards from behind more than Gay and Shah.

“Jen is deleting comments right?” one Redditor wrote. “That are not what I saw on tv.”

Other fans described the two as having “Muppets a**es” and “cartoon booties.”

“Dear God, you are so right. I can almost see fuzz,” another commenter cracked of the “Muppet” comparison. Others zeroed in on the “color” and “texture” displayed on the womens’ bottoms and said it looked “off.”

After another commenter noted that Shah “hooked Heather up with that booty,” another replied, “True friends airbrush each other’s a**es for insta.”

Others pointed to the irony of Shah’s comments in the same episode, in which she cracked that co-star Meredith Marks was angry because “her membership at Facetune ran out.”

“How you gunna make a dig at someone over face tune and the same friggen day it airs post this s***,” a Redditor wanted to know.

A Photographer Once Accused Shah of Photoshopping Her Work

Jen Shah

BravoJen Shah.

This is not the first time Shah has been accused of filtering or photoshopping. In March 2021, a photographer who once worked with Shah called her out for photoshopping photos from their session against their agreement.

In a tweet captured in a Reddit thread, the photographer claimed, “Screw it, now that she’s in jail here are the Jen Shah #RHOSLC pics that she photoshopped of herself after I told her explicitly it was against my contract to do so.”

You can see the now-deleted tweet and photos here.

She also commented on a photo of the RHOSLC cast. “One of these women caused me the absolute most stress I have ever experienced in my profession,” the photographer wrote. She later revealed that she took down the photoshop post about Shah because “it was getting WAY more attention” than ever intended.

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