Why Jen Shah Is Feuding With This RHOSLC Cast Member

NBCUMV Meredith Marks, Lisa Barlow, and Jen Shah.

Filming for the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City may have concluded, but the drama is still going strong. Cast members Meredith Marks and Jen Shah have had tensions escalate throughout the season, but things have now reached a peak.

Recently, arguments have surfaced over Marks’ son, Brooks Marks. During one episode of RHOSLC in late December, Brooks Marks made his fashion line debut at the Park City Fashion. Shah attended the event, but she sounded less than impressed during a confessional.

“I’ve been rockin’ that tracksuit for months,” Shah said in a confessional during the December 23 episode. “I mean, does one tracksuit make a collection? I don’t know. But you know what? I’m still gonna rock it. Hopefully he makes a second one soon and then I can wear that one.”

Meredith Marks appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Wednesday, January 20. When Cohen asked about Shah’s comments about her son and his fashion line, she replied, “Jen has made not passive-aggressive, but aggressive-aggressive digs on Brooks all over social media and it’s not nice. I wouldn’t talk about anyone else’s children.”

A fan tweeted back to a clip of Marks’ response saying, “Also, a knockoff sweatsuit does not make someone a designer.” The 49-year-old entrepreneur defended her son writing back, “He has not called himself a designer. He is a student who ambitiously tried to start a small business with money that he saved on his own from working. Should be commended NOT criticized.”

Jen Shah Is Firing Back

As many RHOSLC fans know, Shah is not one to back down. Earlier this week, Shah continued to stand her ground. The fan Instagram account @housewivesofslc posted a series of screenshots from Marks’ Twitter account. Marks was replying to a fan questioning her son’s fashion line.

“Sorry but your kid is grown and he’s asking for the spotlight in case you didn’t notice,” the fan tweeted. “So he’s going to get it.” Marks responded, “Ok so I should treat all the other women’s children the same way since they are on the show too by that reasoning… got it!”

When the fan replied saying that the other cast members had younger kids, Marks clapped back, “Jen has a 24 year old son. Should I go after him on social?” The fan then said that Shah’s son hasn’t talked poorly about other cast members. “Brooks did not say negative things about jen,” Marks replied. “He repeated to his mother a small part of what happened that night that made him feel uncomfortable in his home. That was it. She has ripped him on social. He has never even responded.”

After the fan account posted the series of Twitter screenshots, Shah didn’t hold back on her comments. “Im not giving you a storyline for season two like I apparently did for season one,” Shah commented. She added in another, “Find something else please. This is ridiculous.” She continued commenting, “I never ripped marks on social…that’s a complete lie @meredithmarks. Please show the receipts bcuz im tired of you blaming me.”

Shah ended her comments by writing, “SHOW THE RECEIPTS @meredithmarks and stop coming after me bcuz you’re looking for someone to blame. And DO NOT BRING MY CHILD INTO THIS. He’s never said one thing about you, he’s not part of the show likes brooks is, he didn’t do a confessional. Stop bullying me and my children. I’m disengaging.”

Shah Also Responded to Her Arguments With Lisa Barlow & Whitney Rose

Shah is standing up for herself among other cast members as well. Some RHOSLC members are feuding on the show over comments made by Mary M. Cosby. Cosby called friend Whitney Rose and told her that fellow cast members Lisa Barlow and Marks are scared of Shah.

Rose attempted to show her loyalty to Shah by sharing this information at Shah’s husband’s surprise birthday party. As RHOSLC fans know, things quickly took a turn and the conversation evolved into Marks and Barlow getting upset with Rose and Cosby. The show has not yet shown Barlow and Marks confronting Cosby over their alleged conversation about Shah.

One fan tweeted, “How has Lisa Barlow & Meredith Marks not confronted Mary yet based on what she told Whitney, which is what started such drama..?” Barlow replied, “Yes we did. Keep watching. It seemed so ridiculous that the 2 afraid of Jen kept saying this. Mary knows we aren’t afraid of Jen and Jen Shah knows I’m nor afraid of her and it’s gross that anyone with even say that. Think about why they did this…”

Another fan chimed in writing, “I genuinely don’t think you or Meredith called Mary up to say you’re scared of Jen. This preview/editing makes it seem though like you & Mary just swept it under the rug, which is why it’s confusing for viewers!” Barlow replied, “It seemed silly to me that anyone would say we are afraid. It’s weird. On this call I ask Mary if she said to Whitney and she said ‘no.'”

The same fan account @realhousewivesofslc posted the tweets on Instagram. Shah commented, “Not only if it confusing to viewers but it’s confusing to me too which is why I was upset. Everyone is koombaya, but what about ‘the BIG secret’ that had to be talked about at my husbands party (the first surprise party bday party I threw for him) and then this “BIG” secret seems to get swept under the rug and the ladies go about their day AFTER RUINING my husbands bday. I own my reaction and throwing the glass; however…it seems a few puzzle pieces are missing here. Glad others are picking up on it.”

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