Troubled Housewife Roasted for Carrying Money Clutch

A $100 bill.

Pixabay A "Real Housewives" star was seen carrying a clutch designed to look like a stack of money.

A “Real Housewives” star is taking some heat after she was seen carrying a money clutch.

On April 22, 2022, Jen Shah shared a photo on Instagram of her walking next to her husband, Sharrieff Shah. “I’ll follow you wherever you go, forever, and always. My entire heart. I love you beyond this life and the next,” she captioned the upload.

In the photo, Shah was wearing a fitted black jacket with feathers at the wrists, a pair of patterned tights, and black pumps. Clearly seen in the photo was her sizable diamond wedding ring. She accessorized the look with a rectangular clutch that had a $100 bill printed on either side. The clutch was designed to look like a wad of money, complete with a bill strap.

Shortly after Shah posted the photo, “Real Housewives” fans took to Reddit to criticize her for carrying such a bag when she’s currently being investigated. According to Us Weekly, Shah was indicted “for her alleged role in a long-running telemarketing scheme.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Shah Was Criticized for ‘Flaunting Her Wealth’ Amid Legal Issues

While any other wealthy person carrying a bag designed to look like a stack of money may not turn heads, several people were turned off by Shah’s outward display of wealth, given that she’s in the middle of some serious legal issues.

A Reddit thread about Shah’s money clutch had many people slamming the reality star for being showy given what she’s going through.

“I get it’s just a bag and maybe I’m over the top but if someone accused me of what either of them have been accused of the last thing I would do is be as crass as to publicly walk around seemingly flaunting my wealth. Whether they’re guilty or not (and I get the f*** the haters thing) it’s just the worst taste and shows no compassion for the people who have financially suffered regardless of whether it’s been them or not,” one Redditor wrote.

“Money can’t buy you class. This is poor taste given the charges against her,” another person wrote, quoting Luann de Lesseps’ single.

“Someone on RHOM had this exact bag on the episode I just watched. I thought it was cute. Jen holding this bag isn’t so cute though. Not a good look considering the circumstances,” a third comment read.

“Jennifer the Scammer has absolutely no shame in her game,” someone else added.

The Price of Shah’s Money Clutch Is Unclear

A few Redditors were quick to find a similar money clutch designed by Judith Leiber on the Bergdorf Goodman website that retails for nearly $6,000. However, zooming in on Shah’s photo, it’s clear that she’s not carrying the same bag carried by the luxury department store.

Shah’s bag is more similar to the one sold by Lord & Taylor that retails for $199. Or, as another Redditor pointed out, it looks very similar to one on Amazon that sells for $30.

“I’m just assuming it’s fake like everything else in her life,” one Redditor commented on the thread.

“I didn’t look for knock-offs. Maybe her assistant shoplifted it for her,” someone else wrote.

Fans didn’t seem to care much about which bag Shah was carrying, but more the sentiment behind her carrying such a bag, given the charges that she is facing.

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