RHOSLC’s Jennie Nguyen Returns ‘Used’ Gift to Mary Cosby

Jennie Nguyen

Bravo Jennie Nguyen.

Jennie Nguyen called out Mary Cosby on the January 2 episode of  “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” – and she came with receipts.

At a launch party for co-star Whitney Rose’s Wild Rose rebrand, Jennie confronted Mary for racist comments she made at the Pho luncheon a few days earlier. Jennie told Mary that her remark about her “slanted eyes” was insulting and that she needs to “take some responsibility” for her racist comments.

Mary first said her comment about Jennie’s eyes was meant as a compliment, then eventually apologized.

But Jennie wasn’t done with her.

Jennie Also Returned the Expensive Boots That Mary Gave Her

After she confronted Mary about her racist comments,  Jennie whipped out the sparkly $1,300 Christian Louboutin booties that the pastor previously gifted her. Jennie revealed that she no longer wanted the boots because the gift did not feel “genuine.”

“In my culture, it was very insulting because it was a regift,” Jennie said, adding that the shoes were “used.”

“They’re not used, they’re brand new,” Mary said, before later admitting in a confessional that she had “tried them on” and they hurt her feet.

Jennie went on to reveal that she was told that the shoes were actually meant for Jen Shah and she noted that Mary tackily left the receipt in the box.

Jen Shah happily accepted the shoe regift and noted that she “does not say no to red-bottoms.”

Mary Cosby Clapped Back & Fans Reacted

In response to the episode, fans took to social media to point out that Mary appeared to mimic Jennie’s accent in some scenes. “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star clapped back.

“Lisa [Barlow] did it throughout the entire season…mine is the only one that was aired!” Mary fired back on Twitter. “They can pick …all day. I always know what my intentions are! I will never be who people will try to make me… It was ok for Jennie to bring back a gift to me because Lisa told her it was for Jen.”

Viewers also reacted to the RHOSLC scene. Many slammed Mary for her racist remarks, while others weighed in on the shoe drama.

“Omg Jennie is gonna return Mary M Cosby’s boots at Whitney’s event …petty but I love it lol “RHOSLC,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Let’s go Jennie!!! Put Mary in her place and give back those used boots,” another wrote.

“[Mary Cosby] there’s a picture on your insta and you’re wearing the boots you tried to give Jennie. It’s from Christmas 2020. Oops!” another pointed out.

Other fans reacted to compare Jennie’s gift return to Kim Richards’ epic return of the stuffed bunny that Lisa Rinna gave her as cameras rolled at the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 7 reunion in 2017.


“Jennie about to ‘bunny’ Mary. She’s working for that second season! #RHOSLC,”  one fan wrote.

When one fan wrote, “Jennie bringing the boots to give back to Mary at the party… truly inspirational,” another replied, “It had bunny all over it. Jennie seems to be performing 75% of the time.”

Others defended Mary – for the regift at least.

“Jennie is right to correct Mary on her ignorant comment,” one fan wrote. “It’s the failure to correct Heather, need for an audience, aggression that is reserved for just Mary and the dramatics of giving the boots back that makes it desperate. #RHOSLC.”

“Jennie knew she never liked Mary, so why she accepted Louboutin boots from Mary is beyond me,” another wrote. “Returning the boots at a public event is Jennie’s way of getting much desired attention.”

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