Jennie Nguyen Gives Update on Relationship With Mary Cosby

Mary Cosby Jennie Nguyen

Bravo Mary Cosby and Jennie Nguyen.

Jennie Nguyen spoke out about her relationship with her co-star, Mary Cosby. On the January 9 episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” the “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star said she is confused by the Faith Temple Pentecostal Church pastor’s behavior, and teased that viewers will see more drama between the two as the rest of the season plays out.

Cosby has been under fire for racist comments she made to Nguyen and other co-stars. She was a no-show for the recent RHOSLC reunion taping, and some fans are now calling for her to be fired from the Bravo reality show—if she hasn’t already quit.

Jennie Nguyen Doesn’t Understand Mary Cosby’s Beef With Her

Mary Crosby

BravoMary Crosby in season 2 of RHOSLC.

In a WWHL segment titled “There’s Something About Mary,” host Andy Cohen asked Nguyen a series of questions about her controversial co-star.  Cohen first asked Nguyen about Cosby’s anger and the “root” of the two of them not getting along.

“I don’t understand,” Nguyen replied. “I try to be nice to Mary. I reach out, I apologize if I offended her by using foul language. I did her makeup.”

Cohen also asked Nguyen where she and Cosby are regarding the “slanty eyes comment.” Earlier this season, viewers saw Nguyen confront Cosby about a comment she made about her eyes and tell her that she needs to “take some responsibility” for her hurtful words, according to People. Cosby first said her comment was meant as a compliment, but then she eventually apologized.

“You know, she apologized but then she continued to make little digs at me,” Nguyen said on WWHL. “It didn’t stop. I mean if you apologize, don’t do it again….learn from your mistake. But Mary keeps throwing digs at me. If you keep continuing to watch, there are more [incidents] down the road. She would not stop with the racial comments towards me. I don’t understand why me.”

Jennie Nguyen Revealed Why She Thinks Mary Cosby Gives Her Co-Stars Lavish Gifts



On the second season of RHOSLC, fans also witnessed Cosby giving Nguyen a pair of $1,300 Christian Louboutin boots. But Nguyen later returned the red-bottoms because the gift did not feel “genuine.”

“In my culture, it was very insulting because it was a regift,” Nguyen explained of the “used” shoes. She also noted that she heard that Cosby had planned to give the boots to Jen Shah instead of her.

On “Watch What Happens Live,” Nguyen elaborated on what went down with the boots.

“[Cosby] coming at me and saying ‘Oh by the way, I brought this and I don’t want to carry it home so I give it to you’…for me it’s insulting,” she said. “It has to come from the heart, if you’re going to give me something it has to come from the heart, whether it’s a dollar or a million dollars.”

When Cohen asked Nguyen why Cosby gives her co-stars such lavish gifts, she replied, “Because Mary has so many crap in her closet, all of the sudden she just wants to get rid of it.”

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Tara Mason
Tara Mason
10 days ago

There is seriously something insanely wrong with Mary! She needs help!

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