Jennifer Aydin Shares Shocking Video of Husband Bill’s Ferrari Being Stolen

Jennifer Aydin Bill Aydin

Getty Jennifer Aydin and Bill Aydin.

Jennifer Aydin revealed that her husband Bill’s car was stolen.

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey”  star posted a video to her Instagram page to ask fans for help in locating her plastic surgeon husband’s red Ferrari convertible after it was taken from their Paramus, New Jersey property.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jennifer Aydin Revealed That Bill’s Red Ferrari Was Stolen from the Garage of Their Paramus, New Jersey Home

In two posts shared on her Instagram page,  Aydin revealed that her husband’s car was stolen on the night of April 3, 2022. Footage from a security video showed a thief entering the garage of the wealthy couple’s Paramus, New Jersey mansion late at night and taking the luxury red car. Aydin and her husband were out of town at the time, but the rest of their family was home.

Hours after sharing photos from a trip to Miami with her husband, Aydin posted a video message on her Instagram story to tell her followers that she had just been alerted about the theft back home.

“Bill and I just got a home call that Bill’s Ferrari was stolen from our garage,” Aydin said on her Instagram story, in a message posted just after 11 p.m. “The kids are home. My family is home. My mother is home. They somehow got in the garage and stole the Ferrari within the last hour.”

Aydin posted the video of the theft on Instagram and asked fans to be on the lookout for the car and to contact the Paramus police department if they see the vehicle. In a second post, she revealed that her teen son, Justin, arrived home just as the robbers were leaving with the car.

“Justin pulled up right as they were leaving my house,“ she wrote. “Thank God he wasn’t there 30 seconds earlier to cross their path while in the act. Thank you God and Jesus and all my guardian angels my family is safe. Scared, but safe. Mommy and Daddy will be home tomorrow.”

In an updated post on her story, Aydin shared a photo of the car with the caption, “This is the car they took.” She added that her parents, her nanny and au pair and four of her kids were home, and that her son Justin went out for ice cream” and pulled in as they were in front of my house.

“My family is safe and that’s all that matters,” she added.

On April 4,  Aydin gave fans an update on the situation, telling 1010 WINS (NYC):

When [Justin] was pulling into our driveway, he saw our Ferrari on the street in front of our house with a white SUV behind it, and he was confused. But he continued to go into the driveway, up by the garages. And when he saw that all of my garage doors were left open, he knew that it was stolen. It was his instinct to go chase after them, and gratefully, my mom encouraged him to let it go. The perpetrators were looking inside the BMW, and I guess when they found the garage opener, they opened all the garages and they stole the Ferrari, which the keys had been in … We are obviously very shaken and taken aback by all of this but we are grateful that my family is safe.”

Fans Have Seen the Ferrari on RHONJ

Bill Aydin Ferrari

Bravo/YouTubeBill Aydin drives his Ferrari on RHONJ.

The red Ferrari is a familiar sight to RHONJ fans. During the 11th season of the Bravo reality show, the pricey car was prominently featured after Aydin got drunk at Teresa Giudice’s pool party and Bill had to carry her out to the red convertible. The mom of five narrowly avoided getting sick in her husband’s prized car.

“I didn’t throw up in the Ferrari — at first. At first, I didn’t,” Aydin revealed on the “RHONJ After Show,”  per “A little bit came up, and it was on the seat belt. I actually took one for the team and threw up on myself and my Chanel bathing suit, all to avoid throwing up in the car.”

On the 12th season of RHONJ, the plastic surgeon was shown driving the car to a guys’ night out, but he quickly left the scene after some of the RHONJ husbands began attacking his wife’s character.

It’s unclear what year Aydin’s Ferrari was purchased. According to Kelly Blue Book, a 2017 Ferrari California is valued anywhere from $200-300,000.

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