Jennifer Aydin Slams Friendship With Dolores Catania: ‘There Were Red Flags’

Dolores Catania

NBCUMV Dolores Catania and Jennifer Aydin.

Her nose may be new, but she can still smell a rat.

During a February 21 appearance on the Flipping The Table podcast, “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Jennifer Aydin spoke about her friendship with Dolores Catania, and it sounds like the two are not on good terms these days. So far this season, Aydin has expressed that Catania hasn’t been supporting her as she goes through her public cheating scandal.

“Were you surprised when Dolores took Margaret’s side over yours even though she brought you in and you were friends with her? How did you feel in that moment at Dolores’ townhouse?” the podcast host, Jack Sitt, asked Aydin.

“At first I was extremely surprised, and then I looked at myself in the mirror and said you know what, you have no right to be surprised,” Aydin explained. “You know, Dolores once told me this, ‘When people show you who they are, believe them.’ And I saw how Dolores was to me throughout the years, and there were red flags and people coming up to me and tweets and all that stuff, and I ignored it, I ignored it, I ignored it.”

Aydin continued about Catania, “But now, she keeps showing me who she is, and you know what Dolores? I believe you.”

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Margaret Josephs Revealed That Aydin’s Husband Had Previously Cheated on Her

During the season 12 premiere of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Josephs revealed that Aydin’s husband, Bill Aydin, had a two-year-long affair a number of years ago with a pharmaceutical rep he used to work with. In another episode, Aydin admitted that this was true, but that she hadn’t told anyone about the affair, including her family.

“I had no idea,” Aydin told Us Weekly about her husband’s affair in an article published on February 1. “I thought nobody would ever find out. … I never told anybody. Nobody knew — [not] my mother, my sister, my best friend, my cousin. Like, when I say I was taking it to the grave, I kept that secret inside. And it was very hard for me to do, and I was able to do it for the greater good of my family.”

Aydin Said That Others Questioned Her Friendship With Catania

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight that was published on February 22, Aydin admitted that other people have questioned her friendship with Catania in the past. During last week’s February 15 episode, Jackie Goldschneider told Aydin that she didn’t think Catania was being a good friend to her.

“This wasn’t the first time that someone had told me that they didn’t think Dolores was my friend,” Aydin explained to Entertainment Tonight. “Over the years, I’ve had multiple people come up to me and say like, ‘Do you think she’s your friend? She’s not so nice to you on her interviews…’ And I’m always like defending her saying, ‘Well, maybe just felt like that way in that moment…’ And if we’re real friends, I need to be able to respect her decision.”

Aydin continued, “Doesn’t mean she doesn’t like me. And now it’s like, all these people are coming up to me telling me, ‘You really think she’s your friend?’ I have questions now. What are you saying behind my back that are giving these people the impression that you are not my friend?”

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