Jennifer Aydin Says Co-Star Screamed at Her After Watching Season 13 Premiere

Jennifer Aydin in 2022.

Getty Jennifer Aydin in 2022.

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Dolores Catania and her castmate Jennifer Aydin have been at odds throughout the show’s thirteenth season. Aydin shared that she was upset with Catania because she felt her co-star was not supportive during her feud with Margaret Josephs. Catania maintained that she has been “a good friend” to the mother of five. During the premiere episode of RHONJ season 13, the 52-year-old and Aydin had an argument during a charity photo shoot at Josephs’ house. Following the heated conversation, the 45-year-old left the home and stated that Catania looked like “an old f****** handbag.”

In a February 2023 appearance on Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast, Aydin revealed that Catania was unhappy with her after she watched the premiere episode of RHONJ season 13.

“She wasn’t happy about watching the premiere. She called me up, you know, ultimately screaming at me. And I was like ‘calm down, calm down,’ and if I didn’t care about our friendship, I would have been like ‘f*** you, you said s*** to me.’ But I didn’t. I wouldn’t. Not to her,” asserted Aydin.

The 45-year-old also shared that she apologized to Catania for her remark about her appearance. She explained she did not want the comment to ruin their relationship as she had managed to mend her friendship with Catania while filming season 13.

“When she called me, I was like ‘I’m really sorry, like, I don’t know what more I could say,’ and I’m like ‘we’ve come so far, I would hate for you to just like take something that I said in the heat of the moment and just ride with it’ and she was like ‘what else did you say about me?’ And I’m like ‘I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t remember, I’m so sorry,’” recalled Aydin.

Dolores Catania Shared That Jennifer Aydin Called Her to Apologize

Catania spoke about her issues with Aydin during a February 2023 interview on Access Hollywood’s “Housewives Nightcap.” She shared that she was unaware that Aydin had insulted her looks as she was leaving Josephs’ house until she watched RHONJ season 13, episode 1. She noted that the mother of five called her once she viewed the episode to apologize for a different comment. The former corrections officer revealed she appreciated Aydin’s decision to reach out to her.

“She called me when she got the episode, she got it before me,” said Catania. “And she did, to her credit, she called to apologize for something else she said, that I gave her the evil eye, which she knows that is so not me. And she goes ‘I want you to watch it’ and to her credit, to Jennifer’s credit, she did the right thing.”

She then shared that she called Aydin after she watched the premiere episode of RHONJ season 13.

“When I did watch it, I got really hot and started sweating. I did call her back and then it was her turn to diffuse me, so she did. So you know, we came back from it,” shared Catania.

Jennifer Aydin Shared She Believes There Is Hope for Her Relationship With Dolores Catania

In a February 2023 interview on “New York Live,” Aydin shared that she and Catania “are in a much better place than [they] were.” She revealed she believes their relationship can be repaired because they are both “willing to want to make amends.”

“When you have real love like I do for Dolores, I feel like then it is hopeful,” said the mother of five.

Aydin also explained that she has been upset with Catania because of remarks she said behind her back while filming. The mother of five stated she ignored “certain things that she said that were hurtful to [her]” because she wanted to maintain their friendship. According to the RHONJ star, Catania did not like when Aydin told her she was not treating her well.

New episodes of RHONJ air Tuesdays on Bravo.

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