‘RHONJ’ Blinds Claim Jennifer Aydin’s Husband Bill Is Cheating on Her

Getty Images Margaret Josephs (L), Jennifer & Bill Aydin (R).

The new season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” may have a storyline that fans didn’t ever see coming.

The rumor mill about Jennifer Aydin and her husband, Bill Aydin, is cranking after popular Instagram account Deuxmoi posted a blind about the new season. The blind, which can be seen on Reddit, reads:

“I got some tea to spill straight out of New Jersey. This [housewife’s] husband from NJ had an affair 10 years ago (not Jackie) and Marge found out, and told everyone at [Teresa’s] party. Wife is super pissed because only they knew about it and had already worked past their issues, and now she has to tell her kids about it. Everyone is apparently being super mean to her and calling her a hypocrite for continually slut-shaming and coming after Marge for her affair. Big storyline for upcoming season.”

Fans were able to deduce that the blind was about the Aydins, mainly because Jennifer and Marge have had their fair share of blowouts, and Jennifer has been known to call her out for her affair — just as the blind suggests.

After Deuxmoi posted the anonymous information, more people came forward with tea — and things get even more complicated.

Here’s what you need to know:

Another Deuxmoi Blind Suggests Marge Is Trying to ‘Ice Out’ Another ‘Housewife’

As previously reported by Heavy, Jennifer hasn’t been involved in a few events that the other “Housewives of New Jersey” have attended. While many fans wondered if Jennifer’s role on the show was going to be downgraded — or, perhaps, she was going to be fired — this blind suggests that Jennifer’s absence has been calculated — and that there’s one person behind it.

“A certain Jersey housewife who became famous for wearing pigtails but now mostly wears wigs and fake extensions, got doused with a glass of rose over the weekend when she took things too far with another wife [whom] she is trying to ice out of the group. She’s more upset, though, that her friend who she brought onto the show is siding against her and didn’t have her back when she got soaked,” the blind read. You can see it on Reddit here.

Fans on Reddit were quick to point out that this blind is fairly self-explanatory, thanks to the very obvious details about Marge’s hair.

To make things even worse, an anonymous source reached out to BravoandCocktails on Instagram with the following:

“Bill [Aydin] cheats on Jennifer consistently with this [Skinceuticals] sales rep that goes into his office. I met her at [a New Year’s Eve] party in NJ in 2020. He was taking her on vacation to St. Barths and she invited me to come along. I declined.”

The anonymous tipster doubled down, and added another layer to it. “She said he’s a creep and has always hit on any of the hot sales reps that came into his office. Jennifer knows but looks the other way.”

Dolores Catania Teased ‘World War III’ in a Recent Interview

During an appearance on RealiTea with Derek Z, Dolores Catania gave a bit of a preview of what’s to come on the new season of “RHONJ.”

“There’s been some incidents that have happened that are definitely cringeworthy. And there are things that happened that are going to be very big surprises,” Dolores said. “There’s no storyline like ‘oh, I saw that coming.” Once again, I’m going to say, we’ve already topped last year, which was hard to do.”

Dolores also shared that something big was about to go down. “I’m actually on my way to a scene right now… I’m anticipating World War III right now. I’m on my way… I’m not kidding. I’m on my way to a scene that is going to be — God knows what,” she added.

Nevertheless, Dolores admitted that she was “proud” of the season and said that she thinks that the Jersey housewives have had such great success because they are “authentic.”

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