Jennifer Aydin Rips Joe Gorga, Insinuates Melissa Took Part in Fraudulent Activity

Melissa, Jennifer, and Joe.

Getty Images Melissa Gorga (L), Jennifer Aydin (C), Joe Gorga (R).

Jennifer Aydin and Melissa Gorga are officially in a feud.

On Wednesday, May 19, ahead of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunion, Melissa took to Instagram to post her feelings about the season, and specifically about one particular “Housewife” whom she’s apparently very angry with.

“Notice I posted everyone except for one person who I feel is truly happy when family and friends are divided. Probably because she would throw her own mother under the bus for TV. Or if it would make Teresa happy. I’ve been on the show a long time and I know fake and conniving when I see it. When you don’t come for someone at all, and they are constantly trying to put you down and trying to cause riffs in your relationships, that’s a huge red flag,” Melissa said, before accusing Jennifer of being jealous of her.

“ENVY BABY! They might want to try to be the fun tipsy one like you, but they fail and just look sloppy. Lots of skeletons in the closet over there. I’m nice until I’m not. Pay attention everyone – you will see it,” Melissa captioned a photo set showcasing memories from the season,” Melissa wrote.

A couple of hours later, Jennifer posted a response.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jennifer’s Response to Melissa Included a Dig at Joe

Joe Gorga

GettyJoe Gorga

Jennifer wasn’t going to allow Melissa to speak out without being heard herself. She took to her Instagram account to call out Melissa — and her husband, Joe, throwing some serious shade.

“Take a good look at what unbothered looks like. I’m on this show because of me- not because my sister-n-law or a more entertaining husband,” Jennifer captioned three Instagram photos from the “RHONJ” reunion. She then threw a dig at Melissa’s husband Joe Gorga. “My husband is a class act who respects women and would never stoop low for the cameras,” she added.

It seems Jennifer’s comments are based on what fans have witnessed this season; Joe and Melissa’s marital issues were a major storyline, and he was called a “chauvinist” on more than one occasion.

Jennifer’s explosive rant continued, “I guess people envy what they don’t have – I share real and authentic stories, not fake, made up ones. And I see that some people are threatened by that.You can take your “sloppy” comments and run with it all you want-hold on to it for dear life- ya got nothing else. Your group is infested with a snake that talks behind all your backs and you’re just salty… And boring to boot! So careful with all that reach, you’re gonna pull a muscle.”

Melissa couldn’t help but respond again, this time in the comments section of Jennifer’s post.

“Yea – this is getting old – was expecting this. You’ve been saying the same shit since you got on. Got anything new?! I think [you’re] the one that’s uses everyone around you for storyline let’s be real. YOUR WHOLE FAMILY. Nothing ever about you. Got anything new?! Not trashy CLASSY & still going strong. A lot harder in the HW’s world then being the Hot Mess!! GET IT?!! It’s been 11 years for me. Kiss my ass,” Melissa wrote.

And Jennifer, of course, responded.

“Wow, you really are stupid. You only got on because of Teresa, and that kills [you]!! The audience has learned more about me in three years than they have of your measly 11. Your fake baby and sister that never was, and oh wait. Divorce divorce. Yeah right! All they see is your self-absorbed, obsessed, envious behavior. I am my family and I share it — more than you ever had the guts to do. Go embarrass your daughter some more, cause you and your crooked family got nothing else. Girl, bye,” her comment reads.

Jennifer Aydin Posted & Deleted an Old Article That Accused Melissa of Selling Knockoff Handbags at Envy

After posting a response aimed directly at Melissa, Jennifer posted a screenshot of a 2018 report about Melissa. The article that Jennifer posted was published on a website called Taste of Reality.

ENVY, which is owned and operated by Melissa, was previously contacted by Chanel; the luxury company informed ENVY that the merchandise being sold in the store was counterfeit, and Melissa was forced to stop selling the products — an announcement that she made on social media.

“Chanel has informed Envy by Melissa Gorga that all of the Chanel branded goods previously offered and sold by our company were counterfeit and illegal,” Melissa posted on Instagram at the time. “As such, we have ceased all sales of Chanel branded goods, and will not be carrying any such goods in our store in the future,” the post concluded. Melissa turned the comments off.

Soon after Jennifer posted the screenshot, she thought twice about it, and quickly deleted it. She then uploaded a message in which she explained her decision to take down the post. “Okay, that was a low blow. I’m done now, and I want to enjoy watching the reunion with everyone else,” Jennifer posted.

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