Jennifer Pedranti’s Boyfriend Talks RHOC Season 17: ‘The Hurt & Betrayal Is Real’

Jennifer Pedranti.

Getty Jennifer Pedranti.

“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Jennifer Pedranti and her boyfriend, Ryan Boyajian, shared their thoughts about appearing in the show’s 17th season in a September 27 Instagram post, uploaded on Pedranti’s account, as reported by Reality Tea. In the social media video, Pedranti, who began starring on the show during season 17, noted she had some difficulty filming the series. Boyajian also seemed to reference that their relationship was scrutinized by several RHOC personalities, specifically their former friend, Tamra Judge

“I will say is the hurt and betrayal is real. People you consider friends to be in our small community, where we put so much emphasis on our seven kids and to have these types of misrepresentations about us both, the blatant lies spoken about me, just — it hurts, it doesn’t feel good, and I don’t think people understand the impact of their really careless words,” stated Boyajian. 

Pedranti chimed in that she would like to appear in another season of RHOC so viewers can have a better understanding of her and Boyajian’s romance. 

“I am hopeful to do it again, I think you and I both have had so much growth and so much clarity  that coming to the end of this, I would say that we both learned so much,” said the reality television star.  

In the caption of the post, Pedranti stated that she and her boyfriend did not expect that their relationship would be one of the main storylines on RHOC season 17. 

“I AM THE ONE who went on this adventure. He was just a supportive partner. We had NO idea the season would go the way it did for him. I know he comes off as always looking for the positive but let me be the first to tell you… ALLLLL these things that were said about him have impact. They hurt. I’m so grateful that we came to the end of the season STRONGER, CLEARER,” read a portion of the caption.

Boyajian also shared the video with his Instagram followers. 

Tamra Judge Said Ryan Boyajian Is ‘Not a Stand-Up Guy’ in August 2023 

In an August 2023 interview on former Bravo star Jeff Lewis’ radio program, “Jeff Lewis Live,” Judge mentioned Pedranti and her boyfriend. As fans are aware, Judge claimed that Boyajian had an affair while he was romantically involved with Pedranti. Both Pedranti and Boyajian stated the allegation was untrue. 

While speaking to Lewis, Judge said she believes Pedranti has not been truthful about aspects of her relationship because she is trying to protect Boyajian, whom she had an emotional affair with while she was still married to her ex-husband, William Pedranti. 

“I mean let’s face it [Boyajian is] not a stand-up guy,” said the 55-year-old. 

Ryan Boyajian Mentioned Tamra Judge on Social Media 

According to Reality Blurb, Boyajian mentioned Judge in a September 2023 Instagram Story. The father of two reuploaded an Instagram Story that featured an image of Judge’s controversial son, Ryan Vieth, 37, which was originally posted on Boyajian’s online store, DckPic’s Instagram account. 

“The only Ryan whose behavior Tamra should be concerned with,” captioned Boyajian.

Reality Blurb also reported that Boyajian shared he appreciated an Instagram commenter’s criticism of Judge’s behavior in RHOC season 17. 

“Yesss. Finally … So glad to see Jen finally calling Tamra out on tonight’s episode. Tamra Judge literally has no storyline this season besides her business closing so she needs to insert herself into your relationship to be relevant,” commented the fan on Boyajian’s account. 

“10000000000%. — It’s ALLLLLLL LOVE from us to you #FakeStoryLines,” replied Boyajian.

Jennifer Pedranti Shared How the Criticism Has Impacted Her Relationship 

While speaking to Us Weekly in July 2023, Pedranti stated that Boyajian has been able to handle the criticism on RHOC season 17. The mother of five also said he has helped her remain calm when her castmates have made negative comments regarding their relationship. 

“It has taken up a lot of headspace for us because we don’t understand it, I’m so grateful that Ryan manages it the way that he does. I can just headspin about it, like ‘This doesn’t make sense, I don’t know this,’ but he keeps me a little more grounded with it,” said the yoga instructor. 

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