Jessel Taank Says Bethenny Frankel is ‘Going Off the Rails’

Jessel Taank and Bethenny Frankel

Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen / YouTube Jessel Taank and Bethenny Frankel

“The Real Housewives of New York” star Jessel Taank appeared as a guest on the October 1 episode of “Watch What Happens Live” and shared some of her hot Bravo takes with host Andy Cohen.

During the episode, Cohen had Taank and her fellow guest Kate Chastain play a round of the game Truth or Drink, in which the duo were faced with shady questions about their fellow Bravolebrities which they either had to answer or take a sip of their cocktails.

When asked “Who is the most overrated Housewife of all time?” Taank took a moment before sharing, “I think Bethenny Frankel is going off the rails,” which Chastain agreed with.

Andy Cohen Asks Jessel Taank Which of Her RHONY Co-Stars She Would Cut From the Cast

Although Taank told the truth about who she thought was the most overrated Real Housewife to grace the Bravo screens, she didn’t answer all of Cohen’s tough questions.

When asked “If you had to get rid of one NY Housewife for next season, who would it be?” she was very quick to take the Drink option.

Chastain also opted out of one of Cohen’s questions in a way that had the audience laughing. When asked “On a scale of one to ten, how difficult of a charter guest do you think Jessel would be?” Chastain responded by sweetly telling Taank, “I think you would love to enjoy this cocktail,” referring to the drink Taank needed to sip to get Chastain out of answering the question.

During the game, Taank did answer a few more of Cohen’s questions, revealing that she thinks Erin Lichy is the RHONY co-star who is currently “up Jenna Lyons’ ass the farthest” and that Brynn Whitfield, “wasn’t dressed for her personality [at the upcoming RHONY season 14 reunion show]. Brynn was doing this whole Amish-sexy thing. It was like ‘forgive me God for I have sinned’, and I didn’t quite understand it.”

Andy Cohen Reacts to Jessel Taank Saying Bethenny Frankel’s Name

Cohen held a straight face during Taank’s comments about Frankel, as his relationship with the former RHONY star has seemingly come to a halt in the past few months. Frankel spoke about her falling out with Cohen in her September 28 podcast interview with fellow former Housewife (of Atlanta) NeNe Leakes, who said of the WWHL host, “I don’t feel like we were good friends.”

Frankel shared her own thoughts on her relationship with Cohen, adding, “I remember one year, I was off the Housewives and I went to his house for his Christmas party and there were all these famous people there and I felt special. And then, you know, I’m sitting next to him at this reunion and now I feel special. And it reminds me of you with your parents … we all want his approval, we all want to be the favorite. We want to be able to say, ‘I’ve been on that show the most.’ It’s like a calling card.”

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