WATCH: Real Housewife Kid Reveals ‘Sperm Donor Mixup’ & New Dad


Bravo The daughter of a RHONY star has a crazy story to tell.

A daughter of a former “Real Housewives of New York” star has revealed a story about the origins of her birth.

Ally Shapiro, the adult daughter of Jill Zarin, has been sharing stories and videos on her official TikTok page and shared her birth story via a new TikTok trend.

Here’s what you need to know:

RHONY’s Ally Shapiro Reveals She Found out She Was a Donor Baby at Age 20 & Then There Was a Mix-up With the Sample: ‘Now I Have Four New Sisters & a Lot of Dads’


And that’s on finding out you’re donor bank mixed up the 🐟 and that you’re bio parents aren’t really your bio parents! Who wants a part two? Also I know I’m late to the trend but this wasn’t easy to make, but a interesting story to share. #donor #donorkid #yeslord #familydrama

♬ original sound – TheQuiteFranklyShow

The video is several different frames telling a story set to music from The Quite Frankly Show. It’s a trend for people to tell stories in steps that progressively get worse as the video carries on.

“When I was 20 yrs old moving into my senior year of college I found an email on my moms computer asking her why I was the only one who had blue eyes & was shorter and fatter than everyone in my family,” her video caption starts. “I asked my mom what that meant, and she explained that my mom and my dad had actually used a sperm donor to have me – which I never knew (they divorced when I was 4).”

The video continues on with her dancing along to the music.

“My mom gave [me] my sperm donor information (bank and number) and I ended up finding a sister and 6 brothers!” she writes. “We eventually found our donor dad and some of us even met! 3 years later I matched with someone NEW on 23 and me saying they were now my bio dad – a 100% match! We discovered the sperm bank actually mixed up the sperm – now this man was my bio dad and not the one I had [been] speaking to with all my new siblings.”

She included a crying emoji on one slide and then finished with one last bit of the story.

“Now I have four new sisters and a lot of dads!”

Jill Zarin & Shapiro Talked About the Sperm Donor Mix-up in a 2020 Interview: ‘There’s About Four Other Girls That We Know Of’

Jill Zarin’s Ultimate Girl Trip, BravoCon and MoreHeather met up with Jill and her daughter Ally Shapiro in their hotel while they were in LA to record another What Would Jill Zarin Do? episode. She asks Ally questions about growing up with Jill as her mom, how being on reality TV so young has affected her and if she would be interested…2022-05-10T07:00:18Z

This isn’t the first time this story has been revealed, though a lot of fans were unaware before she posted the TikTok video.

In a May 2020 interview with Heather MacDonald on Juicy Scoop Zarin and Shapiro discussed the sperm donor situation.

“My mom and dad used a sperm donor to concieve me and then we found out that the sperm donor that they chose wasn’t actually the one that was used,” Shapiro said on the show. “So the sperm bank mixed up the donor. Luckily it didn’t affect me at all that I know of because, at the end of the day, I’m still my mom’s child and whatever.”

She went on to reveal some details about her biological father.

“We found him, his name is … I won’t say his name,” she said. “However I have not met him yet. I have met my half-sister through him. She’s great.”

She revealed that her half-sister lives three blocks away from her mother and they have “hung out a bunch.”

“He doesn’t have any children of his own, it’s all sperm donor children and there’s about four other girls that we know of but I’ve only met this one,” she said.

Shapiro revealed that, at that time, she’d only communicated with him over email.

“I think he has a desire,” she said, in terms of meeting. “Because he’s asked me a few times to meet. I don’t really because I feel like I’m pretty fufilled in terms of dads and there was my dad, there was Bobby, there’s Gary, there’s my mom.”

Zarin chimes in saying she wants to meet him, Shapiro said no.

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So this is why Jill is coming back and Ramona is fired? Come on, bravo.

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