Jill Zarin Reveals More About Her Recent Bethenny Frankel Run-In

Getty Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel

Former “Real Housewives of New York” star Jill Zarin is spilling all the tea about her recent run-in with Bethenny Frankel.

On June 20, Frankel took to Instagram to post a photo of the two of them together on a plane. “So this girl walks onto a plane…” Frankel wrote in the caption. During the early seasons of “The Real Housewives of New York,” they were extremely close but had a major falling out during season three that involved Frankel’s SkinnyGirl business and Zarin’s late husband, Bobby Zarin’s, health.

“We totally reconnected and it was really nice,” Zarin revealed during a June 23 interview with In The Know. “Obviously by her posting that, I knew that she obviously took the picture, didn’t know if she was going to post it, not post it… I’m so, I don’t want to say afraid, but I’m so sensitive to that word, ‘thirsty,’ that I wasn’t going to be the one to post anything.”

Zarin continued, “I’ve seen her over the years at various different things for a quick ‘Hello’ or whatever, and it’s never been antagonistic or anything… It was honestly with open arms, I think, on both ends, you know that we were literally sitting 35,000 feet above it all. I’m up here. We were both above it all and reconnected and it was great.”

Zarin Called Frankel a ‘Nobody’ in the Recently Published ‘Real Housewives’ Tell-All Book

Even though they may have recently reconciled, Zarin labeled Frankel as a “nobody” in an interview published in the “Real Housewives” tell-all book, “Not All Diamonds and Rosé” by Dave Quinn. The book was recently published this past fall, in October 2021.

“Kelly Bensimon was a supermodel and Bethenny Frankel couldn’t sell a cupcake in a grocery store,” Zarin said in the book, according to Page Six. “Honestly, she was a nobody.”

However, it doesn’t seem like Frankel was a fan of the book herself. “I think we need more stories about women trashing women…Or….we can publish a book about it?” Frankel tweeted in October 2021, shortly after the book came out. “Is that a good idea? #2021 PS. I’ve had my regrettable moments but capitalizing on our weaknesses? That’s ‘rich’….literally #WomenSupportingWomen lol.”

Frankel Isn’t Planning to Appear on the New ‘Real Housewives: Legacy’ Show

On March 23, Andy Cohen announced that “The Real Housewives of New York” would be getting a reboot next season. According to Variety, the franchise will be split into two shows: one called “Housewives: Legacy” that features the “OG” RHONY wives, like Luann de Lesseps and Zarin, and another featuring a new crew of women. However, fans shouldn’t expect Frankel to be appearing on the legacy spinoff anytime soon.

“It’s not something that seems like it’s appealing to me, it seems like a hodgepodge when they already have a couple of series of hodgepodges of everyone mixed together, so this is a hodgepodge of people who used to be in one city.,” Frankel said during an April 1 episode of her podcast, Just B. about the new series. “It’s a little unclear and confusing for me.”

Frankel continued at the time, “Listen, I think they’re smart to keep going back to the well and keep finding new ways to make things,” Frankel said. “This is a show that, back when we were doing it, and we didn’t have glam squads and we didn’t have high budgets and we just had great conversation and freshness, it was a different show.”

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