SEE IT: Fans Left Flabbergasted by Joe Gorga’s ‘Cactus’ Pic

Joe Gorga

Getty Images Joe Gorga shared a photo that some fans asked him to delete.

Joe Gorga posted one of his inspirational messages on Instagram on August 16, 2022. In typical Gorga fashion, the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star shared some words of wisdom typed over a photo of himself — and this one got people had people talking for a very different reason.

Gorga’s post came just 10 days after he and his wife skipped Teresa Giudice’s wedding following an argument that caused a major rift between the siblings.

“Disagreements are fine. Disrespect is not,” Gorga wrote on a photo of himself slouched down in a chair wearing a pair of shorts, a hat, and some sunglasses. Fans were quick to notice that Gorga positioned himself in front of a cactus that lined up perfectly with his mid-section, which appeared phallus.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some RHONJ Fans Wanted Gorga to Delete the Pic

Overall, fans seem to have very mixed reactions to Gorga’s post. While some fans responded to Gorga’s message in the comments section, others were surprised that he posted such a picture. Some felt it was hilarious and others told Gorga he should delete the pic because they thought it was inappropriate for him to post, especially because he has three children.

A few fans even encouraged Gorga to “delete” the photo.

“I can’t respect you when you just posted a pic with your cactus peeny,” one person wrote.

“Where is your only fans bro?!” someone else asked.

“How about you don’t show pictures like this and respect your daughter!!” another comment read.

“Seriously delete!!!! U knew that when you posted it!!!! And yes……you have a daughter…… so you’re disrespecting!!!!” a fourth Instagram user added.

“It makes you look like a big creep. Delete!! We like u but that’s not good,” echoed another fan.

“Gross & truly immature especially with a daughter,” a sixth said.

Gorga Shared a Less Controversial Photo After His Sister’s Wedding

Just days after Giudice’s August 6, 2022, wedding to Louie Ruelas, Gorga took to Instagram to share a message with his fans and followers.

“People always say…’I know how you feel.’ Nah, you really don’t,” Gorga’s caption on that post read. Gorga chose a photo of himself wearing a black, short-sleeved shirt — and the picture itself didn’t feature any cacti.

The comments section was filled with mixed reactions, some people agreeing with Gorga and letting him know that they were on his side while others shared their opinions in support of Giudice.

“When you are pushed against a brick wall you have to finally push back,” one person wrote.

“Team Gorga. Hang in there,” someone else said.

“You should’ve walked her down the isle [sic] I can’t imagine what would’ve stopped that,” a third Instagram user commented.

“I’m very disappointed in u and Melissa…I hope your perfect marriage never cracks. And there is always two sides to every story,” a fourth comment read.

Gorga hasn’t said much about what happened between him and his sister — mostly due to contract restraints — but during his appearance on his wife’s podcast, he did open up a bit. Interestingly, he did say that he wishes nothing but the best for his sister.

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