Joe Gorga Reveals What He Really Thinks of Daughter Antonia’s Boyfriend

Antonia and Joe Gorga

Getty Antonia and Joe Gorga.

Joe Gorga opened up about how he feels about his teen daughter’s boyfriend.

The husband of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Melissa Gorga is known to be a protective dad, so it’s no wonder that his only daughter’s first beau had to earn his approval.

The Gorgas share three children together: daughter Antonia, and sons Gino and Joey, according to Us Weekly. Antonia is 17 years old, a cheerleader, and a high school senior.

While on his wife’s “On Display” podcast earlier this year, Gorga talked about how his little girl was growing up. “She’s beautiful, she’s stunning, I love her more and more as she gets older,” he said in August 2022. “She’s different, maturing. She glows now, she’s different.”

Joe Gorga Revealed What He Thinks of Antonia’s Boyfriend

In June 2022, Antonia attended her junior prom. In photos posted by, the teen was escorted by a tall young man. While it’s unclear if her junior prom date was her boyfriend or just a friend, Antonia does have a boyfriend now.

In a November 2022 interview with the “Chicks in the Office” podcast, Joe Gorga opened up about what he thinks about his 17-year-old daughter’s boyfriend. And surprisingly, the protective dad likes him.

“He’s very nice,” Gorga said of Antonia’s guy. “He’s actually a tall kid, like 6’4″ or something, plays football, nice kid.”

“For me, as a dad, you look at [him] in the eyes like, ‘You son of a b***. What are you thinking?’” Gorga said of his first sit-down with Antonia’s suitor. “I’m sitting there looking at him like and he’s trying to say, ‘Mr. Gorga, how are you?’ Anyway, I’m good, you know. It takes a minute because you know. you’re like, ‘Are you touching my daughter?’”

“People [ask if I’m] old school,” he added. “Now I’m starting to say, ‘OK, you want him to come over, he can come over.’”

Gorga said he does not let his daughter’s boyfriend spend the night at their house.

“If we go to the shore house and he wants to sleep over, he can sleep on the couch,” Gorga said. “They do go in a basement together…I got cameras down there, I have cameras not because of this but to protect.”

“Honestly I don’t look, okay?” he said of the cameras.

Melissa Gorga Previously Said Her Husband Doesn’t ‘Get’ Their Daughter’s Dating

Gorga has come a long way since first broaching the dating subject with his daughter. When Antonia was a sophomore in high school and began dating, her father didn’t know what to make of it.

“He just doesn’t get it,” Melissa told Us Weekly at the time. “He just looks at us all cross-eyed, like, every time we talk about anything with Antonia and a boy. The fact that she’s a sophomore. Hello? This is when it happens and the sex talk happens. It’s just a real-life thing. He gasped for air, he can’t even say the word. It’s so ridiculous.”

The RHONJ star said she told her husband that she doesn’t “know what generation or world” he is living in but that he needs to “bring it together here.”

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