Joe Gorga Criticizes Gia Giudice’s Involvement on RHONJ

Joe Gorga

Getty/YouTube Joe Gorga and Gia Giudice.

Joe Gorga is not afraid to share his opinions about his niece’s role in season 12 of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

During a March 30 episode of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey: After Show,” Gorga spoke out about Gia Giudice’s involvement in the drama on the show, explaining that he believes she’s simply “too young.” During this aftershow episode, the cast was talking about the moment where Giudice confronted star Margaret Josephs about the fact that she wasn’t wearing her mom’s new workout line while playing in a softball game for charity.

“I think she’s just too young right now to get involved,” Gorga said during the aftershow. “I just want her to just go be happy, be a 20-year old, and just go enjoy her life. She’s been through enough s*** in her life, just don’t get involved in this stuff, you know?”

Joe Gorga Thinks Gia Giudice is “Too Young to Get Involved” | RHONJ After Show S12 E9 | BravoFrom everything that went down between Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs in the woods to Evan Goldschneider opening up about Jackie Goldschneider's eating disorder, this week's After Show isn't holding back! Watch new episodes of RHONJ, Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo. ►► SUBSCRIBE: ►► WATCH FULL EPISODES NOW: ►► VISIT BRAVO’S OFFICIAL SITE:…2022-03-30T14:28:30Z

Gorga isn’t the only “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star who believes Giudice shouldn’t be getting entangled in the drama. Margaret Josephs also seemed to agree with him during the aftershow.

“I was upset,” Josephs admitted. “I was just like, Gia’s a nice young woman. She doesn’t need to be in this drama.”

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Giudice Fought With Her Uncle on-Camera Earlier This Season

This isn’t the first time that Gorga has disagreed with his niece’s behavior. In the beginning of this season, Gorga and Giudice went head-to-head during her mom, Teresa Giudice’s, pool party. At the time, Giudice and her sisters were upset with their uncle after he had sparred with their father, Joe Giudice, in the press.

“It’s the whole thing though, people get hurt and people get offended by things that other people say, but this is why you people just shouldn’t open their mouth in the first place, just like Dad didn’t deserve it either,” Giudice said to her uncle during the episode.

“What…Gia, what? I hear you talking,” Gorga replied at the time.

Giudice then suggested that her uncle was being disrespectful towards her. “Are you gonna come at me disrespectfully, ’cause then I won’t talk to you,” Giudice said back in response.

“If you wanna say something, go ahead,” Gorga told Giudice. “Because I’m you’re uncle and I’m your Godfather. I’m older than you, but go ahead, talk.”

Teresa Giudice Was Happy That Her Daughter Stuck up for Her During the Softball Game

During the March 30 episode of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey: After Show,” Teresa Giudice admitted that she was happy when her daughter stuck up for her against Margaret Josephs at the softball game. Giudice even went so far as to say that she loved it.

“I love that, I love that she has my back, I always want her to have her sister’s back, like that’s the way it should be,” Giudice explained. “It felt good because I don’t have too many people sticking up for me, so I was like, ‘That’s my daughter.’ I love it. It was a good feeling.”

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