Joe Gorga Ripped for Comments About Teresa Giudice’s Kids

Joe Gorga, Melissa Gorga.

Getty Images Joe and Melissa Gorga are being criticized for comments they made on her podcast.

Melissa Gorga and her husband Joe Gorga talked about “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” on a recent episode of Melissa’s “On Display” podcast. The two also talked about Joe’s sister Teresa Giudice, whom they have feuded on and off with for years.

On the May 5, 2022, episode of the podcast, Melissa and Joe gave themselves credit for keeping RHONJ going while Giudice was in prison. More over, they talked about stepping in to help Giudice’s ex-husband, Joe Giudice, who “wasn’t working” while Teresa was serving her time behind bars.

Shortly after the comments were made, the RHONJ fan accounts posted about it and several fans reacted to what the Gorgas had to say.

Here’s what you need to know:

Joe Credited Himself With Helping Teresa’s Kids While She Was in Jail

During the RHONJ Reunion, Joe reached his limit while on stage with the women. At one point, he got up and walked off the stage, saying that he quit the show. Joe explained that he was “hurt” by Teresa on the show and what she said upset him so much that he just wanted to be done with the whole thing.

“We only have each other. We lost our parents,” Joe said on his wife’s podcast. A few minutes later, Joe and Melissa gave themselves credit for keeping the show going — and for taking care of Teresa’s four girls and making sure they were okay while Teresa was away.

“You know what’s sad to me? … You want to give so much to your family and then they belittle you,” Joe said. Melissa went on to bring up the moment that Teresa made it seem like she was the sole reason that they were even on the show.

“How about being thankful that Joe and I are still here… and that we kept the core of this show going,” Melissa said.

“You’re being too nice, honey,” Joe said. “How about ‘thank you’ because when she’s in prison, Joe wasn’t working at all, either, so, they had no income. If we weren’t on the show, their kids would not still be living in that house and have food and have whatever they had,” Joe said.

RHONJ Fans Criticized Melissa & Joe for Their Podcast Comments

More than a week after Melissa and Joe’s podcast episode went live, Queens of Bravo took to Instagram to share a post about what the two said.

“Melissa & Joe think Teresa should be ‘thankful’ to them for keeping the ‘core’ of New Jersey running,” a caption read.

Several RHONJ fans shared their feelings in the comment sections.

“The Gorgas are really out here thinking they’re more important to RHONJ’s success and longevity than Teresa,” someone who runs another fan account wrote.

“Bravo literally halted production until Teresa got out, who is Melissa fooling?” another Instagram user pointed out.

“This is why Teresa fights with her brother and sister in law because they constantly say dumb s***,” a third comment read.

“Wow did they really said that lol. Bravo literally waited for Teresa to get out to continue the show. Also the way joe throw out the thanks to him those girls ate, it’s so horrible as well. I would never no matter what said that thanks to me my nephews ate, wether it was true or not. This just show their colors and no I’m not a fan of Teresa but this just here proves who they are as person and no wonder his dad decided to go live with Teresa than with him,” a fourth person added.

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