Melissa Gorga Reveals if Her Husband & Louie Ruelas Got ‘Into a Physical Fight’

Louie Ruelas, Teresa Giudice, Joe Gorga, and Melissa Gorga.

Getty Louie Ruelas, Teresa Giudice, Joe Gorga, and Melissa Gorga.

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Melissa Gorga and her husband, Joe Gorga, have been publicly feuding with her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice. Issues intensified when the Gorgas decided to not attend Giudice and her second husband, Luis “Louie” Ruelas’ wedding on August 6, 2022. In the trailer for RHONJ season 13, fans caught a glimpse of Joe and Ruelas arguing. The RHONJ co-stars appeared to initiate a physical fight. 

While speaking to E! News in February 2023, Melissa revealed if her husband and Ruelas got into a physical altercation while filming the show’s thirteenth season. 

“They do not get into a physical fight, thank god, so you don’t have to worry about that, they do not. Yeah, that’s just the tension, I just feel like it’s crazy,” stated the mother of three. 

The 43-year-old also shared that she found Ruelas’ behavior toward her husband surprising. 

“It’s weird it’s like Louie did not come into the family like that, so I don’t know if it’s like learned behavior or it’s like ‘hey this is how we function,’” said Melissa. 

The Envy Boutique owner stated that she finds Giudice and Joe’s estranged relationship “confusing” as she is close to her relatives. 

“It’s all foreign to me because my family does not function this way. It’s very confusing for me. Like this dynamic that they have as brother and sister, I can’t even fathom it,” stated the “On Display” singer. 

Melissa Gorga Spoke About Her Issues with Teresa Giudice 

Melissa referenced she and Joe were hurt by Giudice’s behavior during the season 12 reunion special in a February 2023 episode of the “Chicks in the Office” podcast. The 43-year-old explained that the production for RHONJ season 13 started soon after the reunion was filmed. 

“We came right out of the reunion from last year and if you watched that reunion, it was a rough one, so Joe and I were in a place coming off of that, we were hurt, there was a lot of hurt going on after that reunion and I think you’ll see like out of the gate like our reaction because that was the last time that we all saw each other,” stated the reality television personality. 

Teresa Giudice Spoke About Her Ongoing Feud With the Gorgas

While speaking to E! News in February 2023, Giudice discussed her ongoing feud with the Gorgas. The “Skinny Italian” author shared that she does not believe she will reconcile with her brother and his wife any time soon. 

“Right now, I’m just working on myself and my family and I just need time to heal,” said Giudice. 

The reality television personality also revealed that she has been watching older seasons of RHONJ for the first time. She asserted that she is appalled by the comments Joe and Melissa made about her in the older episodes. Giudice shared she is “glad” she did not tune into the show while her late parents, Antonia Gorga, and Giacinto Gorga, were still alive. 

“I guess there was a reason why I didn’t watch it because my parents, you know, they aren’t here anymore and I’m glad that I kept the peace that I had while they were here,” said the RHONJ star. 

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