Joe Gorga Accused of Running a ‘Ponzi Scheme’ by Former ‘Housewife’

Getty Images Joe Gorga.

Joe Gorga appears to have an enemy within the “Housewives” franchise.

In an interview on S’More Live Happy Hour with S’More dating app founder, Adam Cohen-Aslatei, former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Danielle Staub spoke out about some of the controversies that have affected various cast members, specifically their legal issues. The interview was released on April 15, 2021.

Staub told Cohen-Aslatei that she is “the only person on ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ that didn’t commit crimes in [her] adult life.” While just about everyone is familiar with Teresa and Joe Giudice’s legal troubles, Staub made quite the claim about Teresa’s brother, Gorga.

Staub was asked if Gorga was involved in a Ponzi scheme, and she replied “100 percent,” adding that Gorga “is working it and he is trying to hide behind it but I’m going to call him out and call him right to the table. It’s not right what he’s doing … he didn’t flip that house, he doesn’t do anything without other people doing the work, he just takes the credit for it — not paying people is part of their scam.”

Here’s what you need to know:

This Isn’t the First Time That Joe Gorga Has Been Accused of Lying & Ripping People off

Gorga’s honesty and integrity have been questioned on more than one occasion over the years. In fact, an issue about Gorga allegedly not paying someone was brought up on a recent episode of “RHONJ.”

It all went down when Teresa hired a real estate agent to come take photos of her house before she put it on the market. The agent, Michelle Pais, claimed that her husband, Jon Steingraber, spoke at one of Gorga’s “Growing With Gorga” events, but that Gorga never paid him. Gorga ended up talking things out with Steingraber on the show, and the guys shook hands and moved on, but some people still think there’s something fishy going on.

There is a Reddit thread dedicated to Gorga, calling him a “fraud, liar, user, conman, and thief.” More than three dozen Redditors commented on the thread, most agreeing with the initial poster’s thoughts.

“Joe Gorga is the reason no one should ever make a deal on a handshake; he’s scum,” one commenter wrote.

In February 2020, Gorga was accused of taking credit for flipping houses that he actually didn’t flip, according to Page Six. At the time, Gorga “blamed his 21-year-old social media manager” for uploading the wrong (read: stolen) pics to social media. Photographer Nadav Havakook told the outlet that Gorga “definitely did not have permission to use [his] images.”

Staub Also Claims That Gorga’s Marriage Troubles Portrayed as a Storyline on the Show Are ‘Real’

During her chat with Cohen-Aslatei, Staub also commented on Joe and Melissa Gorga’s marriage. Marital issues between the two have been made into a storyline on the current season of “RHONJ.” And while many have assumed that the arguments between the two are greatly exaggerated for television, Staub has her very own take.

“Melissa and Joe having relationship problems. Is this real or is this contrived?” Cohen-Aslatei asks Staub.

“Real,” she responded, not missing a beat.

Staub also said that she’d “remove” Joe Gorga from the show, during a quick game of “Marry, Shag, Remove.” “It’s time for him to go,” she said.

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