Joe Gorga Reveals Backstage Details From the RHONJ Reunion

Joe and Melissa Gorga

Heavy/NBCUniversal Joe and Melissa Gorga

Joe Gorga slammed his sister Teresa Giudice after the second part of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” season 13 aired, calling her “evil.”

He made the comment on his wife Melissa Gorga’s podcast “On Display” when he joined her as a guest for its June 8 episode. Melissa Gorga admitted that the cast hadn’t seen the third episode of the reunion yet but that filming it “wasn’t easy.”

Joe Gorga told his wife that when he was backstage during the first portion with the rest of the cast’s husbands, he got teary-eyed watching the taping on the screens. “I got so emotional because I’ve watched the way my sister reacted and she was just being so mean,” he shared.

“They cut a lot of that part out,” he added. “And she was just being so nasty that it made me upset. And I started crying. I was emotional backstage cause I was so embarrassed for her and embarrassed for the whole situation.” He called the situation with Giudice “dumb” and wondered, “My God, why do you have to be so mean and evil, like what are we doing here? What is going on?”

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Melissa Gorga Began Selling Shady Merchandise Referring to Her Conflict With Teresa Giudice at the RHONJ Reunion

Melissa Gorga made her feelings about the reunion known as she began selling merchandise related to her feud with Giudice as the reunion episodes were airing. She released one sweatshirt that said, “I know you hate me, but just try and control yourself,” which was a line she told Giudice while putting on lip gloss.

Gorga also began selling handcuff bracelets, the timing of which coincided with Giudice accusing the Gorgas of being responsible for having her convicted of fraud.

Giudice said the Gorgas had been hanging out with the person who notified the FBI about the Giudices’ activity, to which Gorga told her sister-in-law, “Teresa, we didn’t commit mortgage fraud — you did, dollface. Like, stop.” Reunion host Andy Cohen appeared to agree with Gorga as he told Giudice that she was “married to the person who was responsible” for her going to prison.

The Preview for the 3rd RHONJ Reunion Episode Showed the Men Getting Involved in the Drama

The third RHONJ reunion episode will see the cast’s husbands joining the ladies on stage to unpack the season and the preview for the episode showed that it will be a tense and dramatic face-off.

Frank Catania asked Giudice’s husband Luis Ruelas if he hired Bo Dietl to “do a slander campaign” against him and Joe Gorga, which Ruelas denied. Joe Gorga told Ruelas that they “know everything,” and Ruelas replied that he is the one who knows everything and said, “Let’s play.”

Giudice told her brother that he has skeletons in his past and he challenged her to “bring it out.” The preview ended with Giudice storming tearfully out of the reunion and saying that she was “disgusted” before yelling at her brother to not follow her off-stage.

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