SEE IT: Controversy Ensues After Joe Gorga Shares New Photos of His Daughter

Joe Gorga.

Getty Images Fans are at odds after Joe Gorga shared a photo of his teen daughter.

Anew photo that Joe Gorga shared of his daughter Antonia Gorga is causing controversy on social media.

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star uploaded a couple of pictures of Antonia, 16, on a Sea-Doo watercraft during a day out on the water. The teen gave her dad the peace sign in one photo and, in the other two shots, she laid back with her legs up on the handle bars, while basking in the sun.

“My baby girl,” Gorga captioned the post on July 24, 2022. And while Antonia appeared to get a kick out of the post — she commented “hahahahahha” — other people weren’t as tickled about the photos. Several people took to the comments section of the post to slam Gorga for posting such pictures of his daughter were “inappropriate.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Reacted to the Photo on Social Media

Antonia was wearing a life vest over her swimsuit and didn’t appear to be showing too much skin, but her pose on the Sea-Doo had some “Real Housewives” fans feeling uncomfortable, and many felt that the shots were “creepy.”

“Wth . How old is she . This is weird,” one comment read.

“Yeah I would’ve picked more father daughter pictures, these are not in the best taste,” someone else wrote.

“Joe, I love you bro but no on these sexy photos of your daughter,” a third Instagram user added.

“Kinda weird her posing like this for her dad,” read a fourth comment.

“You’re better than this…. Don’t sexualize your own child,” echoed another person.

There were other people who saw nothing wrong with the photos and praised Joe for being a good person — and a good dad.

“She looks fine and tasteful wtf is wrong with the picture and a dad expressing his affection for his daughter. I mean for gas sake she has a life jacket covering her it not serious!!! @joeygorga keep being that dad,” someone commented.

“Beautiful like her mama,” another Instagram user wrote.

“Wow some of y’all are twisted to [sic] tight. There is not a single thing wrong with him being proud of his baby girl. She is smart, talented and beautiful. He’s proud of her. Please go elsewhere is you feel this is not okay,” a third person suggested.

Fans Often Comment on Antonia’s Photos

As Antonia has gotten older, she hasn’t shown too much of an interest being on reality television with her parents, but she has starting posting collaborations with various companies on Instagram. For example, she’s a Windsor Store ambassador and has been known to share some of the outfits that she gets from the company.

Additionally, Antonia shares quite a few photos of herself and some of those pictures get a rise out of fans. Most people, however, point out how much like her mom she looks. Other people suggest that Joe is in trouble because his daughter is a looker.

The comments on a post she uploaded on July 5, 2022, reflect just that.

“I said it once I’ll say it again, Joe Gorga you have your hands full! She is absolutely stunning,” one comment read.

“Your poor dad LOL! You look beautiful! Favor your mom so much,” another person added.

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Donna Fischer-Hughes
Donna Fischer-Hughes
7 days ago

This is her proud dad and that’s it !!!!!

Kristi Donaghue Frank
Kristi Donaghue Frank
7 days ago

So stupid!!! He is proud of his daughter and she is old enough to make up her mind. My parents ahold me to wear binkins like that and take pics. He seems to protect his daughter at all costs! Let him be the great father he is!!! Joey Gorga

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