Kameron Westcott’s Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kameron Westcott

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Throughout the past few years, Real Housewives of Dallas star Kameron Westcott has made a splash…and a pink-themed one, at that. On the show, Westcott has shown her luxurious lifestyle, and is even buying a new house during this season! Westcott is married to Court Westcot, and they have two young children together, Hilton and Cruise.

According to The Cinemaholic, Kameron Westcott’s net worth is estimated to be at or around $4.5 million. So, where does all of Westcott’s money come from? Here’s what you need to know about Kameron Westcott’s net worth:

1. Kameron Westcott’s Husband Is a Managing Partner

Kameron Westcott is married to Court Westcott, who is a managing partner at Westcott LLC, according to his LinkedIn page. Westcott’s husband makes private investments in various areas, such as real estate and technologies, as noted on his LinkedIn. Court Westcott’s father, Carl Westcott, founded Westcott LLC in 1996 and has been in business ever since.

Westcott met her husband while the two were studying at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Westcott was in the process of getting her undergraduate degree in Fine Arts at the school, and her husband was earning an MBA. While on the show, Westcott has described her husband and his family as “Dallas royalty.”

2. Kameron Westcott Is the Founder of SparkleDog Food

Kameron Westcott is also the owner of SparkleDog Food, which is a line of pink dog food. According to its website, Westcott was inspired by her late dog Louis as well as her love of the color pink to create this line of dog food. Westcott explained that she wanted to make dog food that appealed to women and their dogs. A portion of the proceeds to go to the Susan G. Komen foundation, which is a breast cancer organization in the United States.

And, it looks like business is booming for Westcott. Over the summer, the company announced on their Instagram page that they were introducing a line of dog treats. The flavors include peanut butter and “tasty apple,” and feature all organic ingredients.

3. Kameron Westcott Makes Money by Appearing on ‘The Real Housewives of Dallas’

Of course, Westcott also makes money by appearing on The Real Housewives of Dallas. Westcott first made her debut on the show during Season 2 and has gained a large fan following for her fun personality and love of all things pink.

Although it’s unclear exactly how much Westcott makes from being on The Real Housewives of Dallas, her salary has most likely increased the longer that she has been on the show. According to The List, Westcott’s costar, Stephanie Hollman, earns $275,000 per season, so Westcott may earn a similar amount.

4. Kameron Westcott Used to Own a Line of Clothing for Dogs

Before there was SparkleDog Food, there was BabyLou Pooch Couture! According to Westcott’s LinkedIn page, she founded the clothing company BabyLou Pooch Couture in August 2007, which is a line of clothing for dogs that she designed and created herself. However, from the looks of its website, it doesn’t seem like the company is too active anymore.

“BabyLou Pooch Couture creates top quality pet apparel for the posh, glamorous, and jet setting pooches in the US,” Westcott’s website reads. “Since socialites are fashionista’s, BabyLou’s hand-made designs, custom fabrics, bright and colorful embroidery, crystals and embellished appliqués, all allow their furry friends to strut the runway right beside them!”

5. Kameron Westcott Promotes Products and Brands on Her Instagram Page

On her social media pages, Westcott promotes various products and partners with brands, which can be a lucrative form of income. According to W Magazine, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian can make around $1 million per sponsored Instagram post.

Recently, Westcott has promoted a hair tool called The Bondi Boost on her Instagram page, as well as a skincare brand called Averr Aglow. Westcott even has discount codes for some of these brands.

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