‘Real Housewives’ Star’s Spinoff Show Not Returning to Bravo

Canceled sign.

Getty "Canceled" sign.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss’ spinoff show, “Kandi & The Gang,” will not be returning after one season on Bravo.

The show followed the ins and outs of Burruss’ family and employees who worked at her and her husband’s restaurant in Atlanta, OLG, and all the drama that came along with it. The series premiered in March 2022 on Bravo.

“Honestly I’m not ready to give any statement,” Burruss told blogger Love B. Scott on Nov. 17. “I really haven’t put my thoughts into words. I have not written a statement. All I can say is that I really love our show ‘Kandi And The Gang’ & everyone in it. I feel like it deserves a second season. People ask me about the show every day. There will be a lot of disappointed fans. I’m disappointed.”

According to Deadline, Burruss also spoke about the cancelation during a November 2022 Amazon Live.

“Definitely, it is not returning,” Burruss said during the Amazon Live broadcast. “Bravo is not bringing it back. So sad and I am super upset about it.”

Kandi Burruss Revealed That the Spinoff Originally Began Filming Before the COVID-19 Pandemic

While speaking to The Daily Beast in March 2022, Burruss explained that when she and her husband, Todd Tucker, opened the restaurant, they were already thinking of filming a spinoff show–and it originally started filming right before the coronavirus pandemic.

“Back when we were first planning to open a restaurant, Todd already had it in his mind that there needed to be a show about the restaurant,” Burruss told the outlet at the time. “He was like, ‘My whole idea about doing this restaurant was to have a TV [crew] document this whole situation.’ So he pitched it to the production company, and they talked about it at Bravo.”

Burruss continued, “Nothing happened at first, and then it came back around a couple years later and they wanted to go ahead and move forward with it. So we started taping. They had the crew and everything. And literally the next week was when the world was going into quarantine. So we started filming the same month. But literally a week before, we got shut down and everyone was stuck in the house. It was crazy.”

Ahead of the Premiere, Kandi Burruss Said That the Show Would Provide Plenty of Laughs

Ahead of the spinoff show’s premiere in March 2022, Burruss explained what she loved so much about “Kandi & The Gang” to E! News.

“On Kandi & the Gang you’re gonna get plenty of laughter because my family and the people that work in my restaurant, they are all like walking comedians,” Burruss told the outlet at the time. “Of course, you’re gonna get your share of drama and emotional moments. I think the thing about Kandi & the Gang is, because my family is a part of the restaurant, it can be a bit stressful at times.”

Burruss also spoke about her mom, Joyce Jones’ involvement in the show and restaurant.

“When she starts getting involved in the messes going on in the restaurant they can be like, ‘OK, I don’t need you as involved here,'” Burruss said. “Because my mom be giving out her phone number to some of the staff and trying to get them to give her the gossip in the restaurant, which is like, ‘Why are you always trying to meddle in what’s happening with this gossip?'”

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