Former RHOC Star’s Daughter Is Pregnant

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Heavy A "Real Housewives" star is celebrating her family's baby news.

On July 27, 2023, “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Jeana Keough shared the news that her daughter, Kara Bosworth, is expecting her fourth child.

The baby news comes three years after Bosworth and her husband lost their third son, McCoy Casey Bosworth, who died after birth.

Keough shared her daughter’s baby announcement on her Instagram Stories. In her candid post, Bosworth wrote about having a hard time being overjoyed with the news as she is constantly reminded of her second child who is no longer with us. Bosworth even seemed hesitant to share the news, but ultimately decided it was time.

“It SHOULD be a happy occasion that they’re getting another sibling. For me, there’s just a cautious reluctance to let the excitement fully absorb. But I can’t deny that it feels right that those that have sat with us on our grieving bench should have a seat in our joyous swings too. So, for that reason (and because Decker and her grandmother @jeanakeough can’t keep a secret for sh**), I’m proud and scared as hell to announce Baby Bosworth #4 – due in November,” she captioned an Instagram post, showing off her fourth baby bump for the first time.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Reacted to Kara Bosworth’s Baby News on Social Media

Fans of Bosworth showed their support in the comments section of her Instagram post as well as on a Reddit thread where many people praised her strength — and her writing.

“I think it’s so beautiful that they always include their son Mccoy in their pics. I’m so happy for them. Her writing is always so great,” one person wrote.

“Aww good for them!! What a terrible tragedy they experienced, and continue to experience. Best wishes to the fam,” someone else added.

“I like that she’s normalizing that she has four kids. I belong to a heart group for my daughter and it’s place to share everything, even the loss of a child. there’s lots of grieving parents who feel like they should only mention their living children to avoid making strangers uncomfortable but the parents have so much guilt,” a third comment read.

Kara Bosworth’s Son, McCoy, Died in 2020

Bosworth gave birth to her second child during the pandemic. The baby suffered shoulder dystocia and a compressed umbilical cord at birth that caused severe brain damage, according to Good Morning America.

McCoy spent a few days in the NICU but died six days after his birth.

“On April 6th, our son McCoy Casey Bosworth was born at 3:10am. Weighing in at 11 pounds and 4 ounces and spanning 21 inches, McCoy surprised us all with his size and strength (and overall perfection),” Bosworth wrote on Instagram.

“During the course of his birth, he experienced shoulder dystocia and a compressed umbilical cord. He joined our Heavenly Father and will live forever in the hearts of his loving parents, his adoring sister, and those that received his life-saving gifts,” she added.

Bosworth and her husband, who are parents to a daughter named Decker, welcomed a son named Vaughn a year later. Bosworth often writes about McCoy on social media and includes him in many of her family posts.

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