Kathy Hilton Debunks Rumor About the Season 12 Reunion

Kathy Hilton.

Getty Images Kathy Hilton reveals her plans for the season 12 reunion.

The new season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is airing on Bravo and while there has been plenty of drama in the first few episodes, fans have yet to see a trace of Kathy Hilton, who is expected to join the season later than usual due to prior commitments involving her daughter Paris Hilton’s wedding.

There have been plenty of rumors about something major going down during the cast trip to Aspen, Colorado — which is set to air later on in the season — and the trailer shows some tense moments between Hilton and co-star Lisa Rinna.

Rinna and Hilton don’t appear to be on the best of terms at present time and it sounds like the two women ended the season on a bad note. In fact, when Extra caught up with Hilton at the MTV Movie and TV awards at the beginning of June 2022, Hilton said that she hadn’t “bumped into” Rinna and when asked if she would say hello to her if she saw her, Hilton responded, “I don’t know.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Hilton Plans on Attended the Season 12 Reunion & Is Looking Forward to it

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Hilton told Extra’s Rachel Lindsay that she will make her season 12 debut about five episodes in and while there has been some chatter that she wants nothing to do with the reunion, well, Hilton set the record straight.

“I will be at that reunion,” Hilton said matter of factly on her own accord.

Lindsay responded, “are you really?” and pointed out that there had been rumors to the contrary, to which Hilton responded, “oh yeah… There was that rumor out there but you know a lot of rumors, so,” Hilton said, giving a bit of a shrug.

Although Hilton is not a full time Housewife and is on RHOBH as a “friend of,” she was in attendance at the reunion for season 11. After filming, Hilton shared that she was completely exhausted.

“I had seen bits and pieces of the reunion when both my sisters were on it and it made me cry. I have to tell you, I left that night, after that 12-hour day and got on a plane to New York. I was so wiped out, I slept the entire flight, arrived in New York I think 7:30 or 8 in the morning and slept for 10 hours when I got to the hotel,” she told Extra in October 2021.

Nevertheless, she is ready to do another reunion and seems to be looking forward to it.

Hilton’s Future on the Show Is Unclear

Hilton enjoys participating in the “Real Housewives” show as she gets to spend time with her sister, Richards, and with some of her other friends. However, it’s unknown if she will return for season 13.

Hilton was a somewhat last-minute addition for season 12 as TMZ reported that she made some pretty hefty salary demands. The outlet confirmed that Hilton’s people and Bravo producers were able to reach a deal that would see Hilton on for a little more than half of the season.

Meanwhile, Hilton played it casual when talking about her future on the show ahead of the season 11 reunion.

“We first have to see if I’m invited back,” she told Kelly Clarkson on the September 30, 2021, episode of her show. “This Friday, we do the reunion…The reunion will be fun, but what I’m trying to say is, about two weeks after the reunion we find out if we’re invited back. I would love to, I had a lot of fun,” she added.

Despite Bravo being notorious for keeping casting news under wraps, it’s way too early in the season to be thinking ahead. Hilton has not said anything about her plans for a possible season 13 return.

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