Fans Upset With Kathy Hilton Following Controversial Comments

Kathy Hilton

Getty Images Fans are reacting to Kathy Hilton's comments.

Several “Real Housewives” fans are upset with Kathy Hilton after she made some controversial comments about her daughter.

In an interview with E! News, Hilton was asked about her daughter Paris Hilton, who recently celebrated her one year wedding anniversary.

“They are so happy. They had their one-year anniversary at the carnival and they want to do that annually. They were like two kids, it was really sweet,” Kathy Hilton said. She went on to give a bit of an update on her daughter’s plans to start a family

“It breaks my heart because I know she is trying and trying and I always say, ‘Just relax.’ So many people, they struggle and it doesn’t just happen like that,” Kathy Hilton said.

Paris Hilton appeared to set the record straight in an interview with TMZ, saying that she has “tons of embryos” that are “waiting.”

“I don’t know where she got that. It’s never been a struggle at all,” Paris Hilton added. Now, fans have taken to Reddit to discuss Kathy Hilton’s comments about her daughter.

Here’s what you need to know:

Several Fans Felt Like Kathy Hilton Overstepped When Discussing Her Daughter’s Personal Life

Following Kathy Hilton’s comments and Paris Hilton’s responses, someone started a Reddit thread saying that Kathy Hilton was “out of line” when she said that her daughter was struggling. Several “Real Housewives” fans seemed to agree and voiced such in the comments.

“As someone who has been doing IVF for quite sometime I would HATE it if my mom did this. IVF is a loooong process and unfortunately there is no guarantee it will work either. It often takes several tries a lot of the time is does not work. Its mentally and emotionally exhausting,” one person shared.

“I wish people in general would stop talking about women’s bodies and choice to get pregnant. It’s invasive, demeaning, and objectifying. Wrong road Kathy, and anyone who asks a woman if they want to get pregnant/are trying, etc. I myself can’t get pregnant and I’ve had too many people ask me when I’m going to, it most especially hurts when it’s family,” someone else wrote.

“Poor Paris. For some reason I thought she had frozen her eggs years ago. Sending her sticky embryo vibes. I know how hard infertility was,” a third added.

Paris Hilton Shared a Statement on Her Instagram Stories

Kathy Hilton’s comments about her daughter’s desire to have children was further addressed by Paris Hilton, who took to her Instagram Stories to further clear up any and all confusion.

Paris Hilton said that she had been “getting tons of messages” from people wondering when she’s going to have a child.

“My husband and I always wanted to enjoy our first year of marriage together as a couple and we we’re [sic] always planning on starting our family in 2023,” she wrote.

Paris Hilton doesn’t seem to be in any sort of rush, nor does she seem stressed about the journey that she’s on. She made it clear that she and her husband — Carter Reum — are doing things at their own pace, on their own time.

“I have an extremely busy work and travel schedule but nothing gets me more excited than becoming a mom in 2023,” Paris Hilton’s message concluded.

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