Fans Think Caitlyn Jenner & Kathy Hilton Have the Same Plastic Surgeon

Getty Images Caitlyn Jenner is being compared to Kathy Hilton.

Fans of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” have drawn a comparison from Kathy Hilton to Caitlyn Jenner, some thinking that the two women not only look similar — but also sound similar.

Hilton has been on “RHOBH” in a friend role here and there, but was a fairly big part of season 11 — and fans absolutely loved the addition (though she’s still technically in a “friend” role). Caitlyn Jenner is not affiliated with that particular reality show, though she is no stranger to reality television, having appeared on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” for several years.

So, what brings Hilton and Jenner together in the same article? Well, one fan started a Reddit thread comparing the two, and suggesting that they may go to the “same plastic surgeon” because there seems to be some similarities in the way they look.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Seem to Agree That There Are Similarities Between Hilton & Jenner

“Does anyone else think that Kathy Hilton looks like Caitlyn Jenner in that maybe they used same plastic surgeon??” one Redditor wrote in a thread started on November 14, 2021. Several other Reddit users completely agreed.

“THANK GOD SOMEONE ELSE NOTICED THIS!!! I’ve said it to a few people and they look at me like I have 7 heads!!” one Redditor commented.

“It’s not just that they have the same face lift, BUT THE SAME VOICE,” added another.

“My first thought when I saw Kathy on ‘RHOBH’ was, okay this is who Caitlyn Jenner modeled her female persona after,” a third Redditor wrote.

“Lol, I’ve been rewatching KUWTK and I’m at Cait’s transition currently. Post facial reconstruction and she 100% looks exactly like Mrs [Kathy], honey,” added a fourth.

And this isn’t the first time that the discussion has happened, either. Back in May 2021, a similar thread was started on Reddit. One Redditor even said that Jenner and Hilton look “more like sisters” than Hilton and her actual half-sister, Kyle Richards. Several fans also agreed that the two women sound very much alike as well.

Hilton Hasn’t Opened Up About Having Plastic Surgery

While Jenner has had plastic surgery as part of her transition, Hilton has never opened up about going under the knife, according to Life & Style Magazine.

As Screenrant points out, there has been some debate over whether or not Hilton has had work done — specifically a nose job and a facelift — but the socialite has never confirmed either.

“There is an indication that Kathy got a nose job, but there isn’t any actual proof,” the outlet reports, adding, “there also has been speculation on Kathy receiving Botox or a facelift.”

“I can’t tell you how delighted I am that someone has finally said this. I think it every single time I see her,” another Reddit comment read.

“I thought I was the only one! When I was zoning out while watching this season, my brain sometimes would wonder when Caitlyn Jenner joined the cast,” wrote another.

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