Kathy Hilton Shares the Unexpected Nicknames She Has for Her Daughters

Getty Images Kathy Hilton has odd nicknames for her daughters, Paris and Nicky.

As is the case with many parents, Kathy Hilton has nicknames for each of her two daughters, Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton. The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star revealed such during her guest appearance as co-host on “The Real” on January 17, 2022.

As part of the show’s Topic Takeover segment, the women discussed giving other people nicknames. The question from an Instagram user asked what happens if you give someone a nickname that you think is cute, but the person doesn’t like it?

Loni Love revealed that she has nicknames for everyone on “The Real,” such as munchkin for Adrienne Bailon and G Money for Garcelle Beauvais. Love admitted that she hadn’t thought up a nickname for Hilton yet. “Maybe, like, Mama Warbucks or something? It’s gotta deal with money,” Love suggested.

Hilton laughed at Love’s suggestion before she shared the nicknames that people call her. “You know, I was thinking about it. My husband calls me lover, poodle, and you know what? I love it,” Hilton said. She admitted that other people don’t really have nicknames for her — but she definitely has nicknames for other people, including her daughters.

Here’s what you need to know:

Hilton Calls Her Daughter Paris, Portis, and her daughter Nicky, Cheese

Cute Nicknames That Backfire? Kathy Hilton Reveals What She Calls Paris & Nicky Hilton!Have you ever given someone a nickname that you thought was cute but the other person wasn’t a fan of? Guest co-host Kathy Hilton reveals the hilarious names she calls daughters Paris and Nicky Hilton. Connect With Us Online SUBSCRIBE to get the latest: youtube.com/user/TheRealD… Visit Us On Our Website: thereal.com/ Like/Follow The Real on…2022-01-18T00:45:01Z

Hilton wasn’t shy about sharing the nicknames that she has given to her girls. “Paris is Portis,” she told Love when asked. “And, uhm, Nicky is cheese — or Chi Chi Mama,” Hilton continued.

Bailon asked Hilton why she calls Paris Portis and Hilton replied, “because it’s such a hideous name, and it’s just so funny to hear her respond when you say Portis. And that means ‘I really need to speak to you,'” Hilton added.

When asked why she calls Nicky “Cheese,” Hilton added even more nicknames to the mix. “Chi Chi Mamahawk, Chi Chi, uhm, Chick, Chickie, ‘cuz she used to look like…she loves cheese, she loves pizza, she loves pasta with cheese on it, and she used to be called…we used to call her Chickie Mama. Chick. ‘Cuz she looked like a little yellow chick,” Kathy explained.

Hilton & Her Husband Have Code Names for Their Super Famous Daughters

Hilton went on to share that she and her husband, Rick, actually have code names for Paris and Nicky for when they are talking about the girls in public.

“Then, their names when Rick and I talk about them in public, like at a dinner table, they are Peter and Neil, so that nobody hears who we’re talking about. ‘Cuz they listen,” Hilton said.

Loni pointed out that Hilton would have to change the code names because she shared them publicly. “Oh, no. You’re right. I just gave them all away. On TV,” she said, seeming genuinely concerned.

Of course, Kathy also has a nickname for her sister, Kyle Richards; she calls her Doogie. According to Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Hilton revealed the nickname while on a girls trip during season 11 of RHOBH. As for what the nickname means, Hilton doesn’t actually know. She told producers it’s just a “loving” name that she and Kim Richards started calling Kyle years ago, according to People magazine.

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